8 Ways Our World Has Changed Since North West Was Born

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North West, the adorable and outspoken daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is celebrating her birthday today. Because of her uber-famous parents, we have had the liberty of watching her grow up from infancy. She’s changed quite a bit in four years. We’ve seen her swaddled at a few months old, chilling front row at fashion shows between Beyoncé and Anna Wintour, and telling the paparazzi not to take pictures of her after ballet class. She has continued to transform right before our eyes.
What has changed more than North’s own personality and sense of style, though, is the world around her. A lot can happen in four years, and it has. Some of it has hit pretty close to home for the birthday girl. Here are eight major events that have happened since Nori made her debut.
Happy birthday, North!
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Beyoncé gave us two new albums, two new tours, and two new babies.

Six months after North was born, Beyoncé literally made the world stop when she dropped her self-titled album with no promotion and absolutely no warning. I still haven’t regrown all of my edges from the incident, but I digress. She followed the album with the On the Run Tour with her hubby Jay Z. She followed up Beyoncé with her visual album Lemonade and the Formation World Tour in 2016. But the announcement of her pregnancy with twins in February just may have been the surprise release to top them all.

I guess I should also address the elephant in the room. At some point in the last four years, the bromance between North’s dad, Kanye West, and Jay Z ended, too.
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Kim Kardashian got married, had another baby, and got robbed.

A lot of the pop culture shifts that have rocked our world since North was born happened to the people closest to her. Her parents married before she was a year old. And when she was 2, she got baby brother Saint West.

With good times come the bad. Her mom was traumatically robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016.
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Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself.

While there are still conflicting reports from Caitlyn and the Kardashian camps about who knew what about Caitlyn’s transition and when, we know for sure that when she was born, North only had one grandma.
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Things got really rocky for Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

I wouldn’t say that things were great between Khloé and Lamar when North was born. Her aunt filed for divorce when North was only 6 months old. But the situation became especially complicated when Khloé was forced to withdraw her petition for divorce in order to make medical decision on behalf of Odom, after he nearly died in a Nevada brothel.

Lamar has since made a full recovery, and the couple has divorced.
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Rob and Chyna happened.

Little North is way too young to understand the hoopla around her Uncle Rob's relationship with her Aunt Kylie’s boyfriend’s ex-fiancée. But she’s not too young to understand that she has a new baby cousin.

I hope that she and Penelope take Baby Dream under their wing in high school.
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Trump happened.

Four years is all it takes for the leadership of the country to change. We were all reminded of that bitter truth on November 9, 2017. Poor North was too young to really appreciate the Obama years.
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Fiona the Hippo was born.

Because the karmic universe knew that we needed a blessing, something amazing happened exactly one week after her the 2017 presidential inauguration. At the Cincinnati Zoo, a baby hippo named Fiona was born prematurely. She has since become one of the internet’s most darling treasures, something North is already familiar with.

Note: While the hippo featured in this image is not Fiona, she is still lovely and perfect.
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Twitter finally made a movie happen.

The Lupita and Rihanna movie that Twitter made happen by magic is special to all of us. And it might be the one of Nori’s earliest pop culture memories! It takes years for movies to come to fruition. By the time this one is released, Nori might be 7.