Taco Bell Lovers, Order A Lyft For Free Food & Other Perks

Photo: Courtesy of Lyft.
Lyft is like the Instagram Stories to Uber's Snapchat. Where Uber started something novel — a ride-sharing business beyond yellow cabs — Lyft was quick to catch on and find success in the same arena, selling itself as the happy-go-lucky, pink mustachioed alternative.
While drivers vary, the difference between the overall experience in the car and on the apps is not so different between the two ride-sharing services. But as Uber has been embroiled in a string of public relations nightmares, Lyft has, for some, risen as the better option.
If you're in that boat, or you just want to save a few bucks and get your $20 promo as a first-time rider, there are some things to know before requesting a car. And even if you are a loyal Lyft rider, there are ways to get additional perks out of every ride you take.
Should you decide you want to venture beyond Lyft and Uber altogether, you can always try one of these other ride-sharing options instead.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lyft.
Satisfy Your Late Night Craving

Taco Bell and Lyft are joining forces to make it easier for you to get your taco fix on the way home. The app's new Taco Mode, which is beginning in Orange County and will expand nationwide in 2018, includes a custom in-car menu, taco-themed car, and free Doritos Locos Taco when you choose to stop by the chain on the way home. To use it, simply select Taco Mode in your destination options and your driver will stop at the nearest location on the way to your final destination.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lyft.
Earn Free Miles

Two for one deals are always welcome, especially when they involve free airline miles. Thanks to Lyft's partnerships with JetBlue and, most recently, Delta, you can enter your respective frequent flier codes to link each account. Then, earn miles on every ride for Delta, and rewards points on rides to and from the airport for JetBlue.
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Separate Work From Play

Expensing work travel is often tedious. Lyft doesn't solve that, but it does help by offering the option of a "Business Profile." This lets you enter a work email where all Lyft receipts will be sent, which makes it easier to expense rides on your corporate card.

To set up your profile, select the menu button in the upper left-hand corner, and choose either "ride history" or "settings" — both offer options for creating a business account. You'll be asked to enter your work email and a default payment method. Then, you're good to go.
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Book Ahead

If you know you need to leave for the airport at a specific time, don't risk having a long wait. Instead, book a ride ahead. To do so, simply tap the clock icon to the right of your pick-up address. Pick your preferred time and schedule as far as a week in advance. The fare is locked, so you don't need to worry about getting screwed over by Prime Time rates.
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Make Multiple Stops

If you need to drop a friend off on the way home, booking one ride and adding a stop is more cost-effective than booking two rides separately.

After adding your pick-up address and first drop-off address, tap the plus icon on the right-hand side to add an additional stop. The only downside is that you can't do this when pooling with others in a Lyft Line.
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Align Your Addresses

Instead of copying and pasting an obscure address from your calendar into the app, sync your calendar to save time.

Start by entering your pick-up address. Then, when you go to add your destination, select "add from calendar." Upcoming events will now appear in the destination drop-down menu. Just make sure to enter the full address to your calendar when adding events.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can also sync up with weather forecasts so you can see if it's going to be pouring rain when you're due to head to an event. That way, you'll know to schedule a car ahead.
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"Alexa, ask Lyft to call a ride."

Amazon's Alexa has skills specific to Lyft, just as it does for Uber. This means you can set up a ride, find out how long a Lyft Line will take (versus a Plus), and know if Prime Time rates are on — all without opening the app. Check out the full list of commands here.
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