This Is How Your Favorite Celebrities Spent Mother’s Day

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We all know that Mother's Day is a beautiful holiday that reminds us to honors the women who gave us life. We all celebrate in so many different ways, and that include celebrities. Some of their posts are heartfelt, some are touching, others celebrate their accomplishments as mothers, and a few touch on the complex relationships fostered in all families.
Poetry author and actress slash feminist role model Amber Tamblyn celebrated her first Mother's Day with a candid shot of the c-section scar she bears with pride. Actress (slash independent woman role model) January Jones shared a mom fail (kind of?) with a post of the bottle of vodka her son brought her when she asked for a La Croix (we're pretty sure she's kidding, don't freak out).
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Here is my body. And here is my body's poem for my daughter. Y is for YES For Marlow . Yes, my abdomen opened like an eye and I blinked you into being, sweet little tear; . My single shed rose, daughter of the body’s equator, a spit of hope from my gut’s duct. . Yes, after you dripped loose, they stapled me closed with two dozen metal eyelashes batting into my skin. . My stretch marks reach from my wound’s tight lids like a witch’s wrinkles, like a violet violent ray of purpled sun, like the wild broken strings of saffron, the thin arms of lightning sucking on a sky. . How can it be explained? What a woman sees when her body’s eye opens just once then shuts? . Yes. I built you brave and terrified in the summer of pre-election disaster. . Yes. I carried you in my world as the outside one crumbled. . I carried you my entire life, never knowing you had been there all along. . Yes. I broke down in a bathroom the day being a woman became a national threat. You kicked between my ribs, the devastation beating between our shared hearts. . Yes. My grandmother’s ghost held my mother and my mother held me, just as I held you, and you hold your own distant daughters and sons- our collective flesh connected like particles darting between stars. . How can it be explained? What a woman sees when her body’s eye opens just once then shuts? . I was blind. I was a lone good line without its poem. . I was intelligent but now I am intelligence. . I was the water but now I am the rivers. . I was the explosion without the fire. . Yes. I marched with you in a war of women in Washington when you were ready to be born, against doctor’s orders, against better judgments, against a system that wants our lives not lived. . Yes. I cannot keep you completely safe. Yes. It breaks me to know that I can’t. Yes. You will know pains I never wanted you to. Yes. I will be there for some but not all. Yes. My truth is your truth is our truth. Yes. I will never lie to you. Yes. We are imperfect and our imperfections are wars we will not wage on ourselves. Yes. I will teach you beauty by a different definition...(full poem link in bio)

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"Here is my body," wrote Amber Tamblyn. "And here is my body's poem for my daughter."
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Alicia Keys celebrated her mother with a touching post about her mom. "#ShesAKing, a Queen, a Warrior, a Woman, a Leader, a Rebel; my Mother, my Teacher, my Bestie, my Partner, my Inspiration, my Mommy... Thank You is too weak of a word! I celebrate you everyday!! Tell me about the important women in your life with #ShesAKing"
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Dakota Fanning wrote a simple, "#JOY."
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I love my Smother sooo much! Happy #MothersDay @Christina.Tremblay! 🌹

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Jacob Tremblay got a little snarky with it, it a cute way. "I love my Smother sooo much! Happy #MothersDay," he wrote to his mom, Christina.
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#mothersday 💛

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Gwyneth Paltrow means a latte to at least one kid.
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Jennifer Hudson is having a working Mother's Day.
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Kelly Clarkson pays tribute to her mom, saying, "Happy Mama's Day to this beautiful, strong, & bold woman! She hands u the truth, doesn't take shit from anybody, & loves w/her whole heart!"
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“Happy Mother's Day, Charlotte! I'm very lucky to have you as my mother. (For the record, I actually called and spoke to her this morning but obviously if I didn't post this on social media then it's like it never happened. Also, I cut my sister, Natalie, out of this picture. Because that's the kind of brother I am.),” Andrew Rannells wrote.
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This day is getting better and better! Breakfast made with love from my hubby and daughter. ;)

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“This day is getting better and better! Breakfast made with love from my hubby and daughter. ;)”
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Lucky me!!! ❤️😍🌷#showoff

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Naomi Watts considers herself one lucky mama!
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“How lovely it is to get flowers from my children,” says Salma Hayek.
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#MyFirstMothersday ❤️

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Carice van Houten from Game of Thrones is almost certainly going to have a better second Mother’s Day.
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Ooh darling cause you'll always be #dembabies 🎶🎶🎶

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Mariah spent some time with "dem babies."
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“There is no bigger love that I have ever experienced. Thank you my angels for choosing me to be your mom. Sending so much love to all the mothers in the world specially to mine ! Enjoy your special day!!,” Gisele Bündchen wrote to her kids.
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Happy Mothers day😃 From me to all of you moms out there in the world ♥️ #mothersday

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Heidi Klum shared a wish to all the moms in the world.
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Happy Mother's Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl. ❤️❤️

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“Happy Mother's Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl,” Hoda Kotb wrote of her first Mother’s Day.
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“From the Parker-Brodericks. To mother's near and far. We send sweet wishes and hopes that you all are surrounded by those you love and those that love you. Xx X,” Sarah Jessica Parker said.
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“So excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day!” Heidi Pratt said.