10 Movie Scenes That'll Have You On The Floor — From Tequila

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It’s Friday. It’s May. The world is slowly getting warmer because of spring (and probably global warming, but let’s not dwell on that). Suddenly, in this brighter, more inviting weather, a wild night out seems like a much more feasible prospect.
But even the most fun-filled weekend can’t compare to these raucous movie scenes. Featuring poltergeists, piranhas, and practical magic, let’s just say you've never taken a tequila shot like these. These films take alcohol to some memorable heights.
So, in honor of the Cinco de Mayo parties that are likely to be raging in college towns across the United States, here are the best tequila shots and margaritas featured in cinema. Let these scenes inspire you for your own weekend. Bottoms up!
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The Movie: Bridesmaids

The Drink: After consuming the terrible combination of alcohol and medication, Annie (Kristin Wiig) makes her way up to first class, where her bride-to-be friend is sitting with her perfect friend.

Try It At Home? Not unless you want to deal with emergency plane landings and the TSA.
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The Movie: Practical Magic (2005)

The Drink: To the tune of "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson, the coven dances and drinks midnight margaritas.

Try It At Home? If you don't try an elaborate alcoholic spell tonight, we'll be disappointed.
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The Movie: Project X (2012)

The Drink: Clearly wise beyond her years, this high schooler uses the terrain of the human body to facilitate a tequila shot.

Try It At Home? Tequila shot foreplay is always a good idea.
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The Movie: Skyfall (2012)

The Drink: At a bar in Istanbul, 007 (Daniel Craig) takes a tequila shot while balancing a life scorpion on his palm.

Try It At Home? Not unless you're on Fear Factor.
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The Movie: Kill Bill 2 (2004)

The Drink: Budd (Michael Madsen) sloppily prepares two frozen margaritas, and then suggestively tells Elle (Daryl Hannah) to "wrap her lips around that." We'll take our drink without a heaping side of misogyny, thank you.

Try It At Home? Filming each step of frozen margarita prep, this scene is practically a DIY guide.
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The Movie: Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)

The Drink: Steve (Craig T. Nelson) finishes off a bottle of tequila. Unbeknownst to him, he also imbibes a Mezcal worm possessed by Kane, the poltergeist, living at the bottom of the bottle. Steve proceeds to vomit up the horrific, skeletal, legless creature with an eerily perfect smile.

Try It At Home? Vomiting up a demon might just be the worst hangover of all time.
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The Movie: Three Amigos (1986)

The Drink: After arriving to a bar in rural Mexico, the amigos are disappointed to learn it doesn't serve beer — only tequila. Not knowing what tequila is, Lucky Day (Steve Martin) responds, "If it's like beer, we'll have some." Their bodies respond dramatically to the jolt of the beverage.

Try It At Home? Proceed with caution. Tequila is nothing like beer.
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The Movie: Jurassic World (2015)

The Drink: As the pterodactyls prey on unsuspecting tourists at Jurassic World, one man has his priorities in the right place. He absconds with two frozen margaritas in hand.

Try It At Home? Definitely feasible — the guy has inspired Halloween costumes.
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The Movie: Piranha 3D (2010)

The Drink: Before awakening a swarm of prehistoric (and carnivorous) creatures of the deep, the young and beautiful take sexual tension-filled body shots.

Try It At Home? Sure, if you subtract the piranhas from the equation first.
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The Movie: Matador (2005)

The Drink: Pierce Brosnan teaches Greg Kinnear an important lesson: Margaritas are always better in Mexico.

Try It At Home? We still think you can enjoy a margarita from any geographic location.