May I Interest You In Watching Jason Momoa Eat A Muffin?

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage.
There are a few things I look for when I watch a movie trailer. It has to make me laugh, even if just a little bit. Conversely, if it's a more serious film, then it has to make me consider the idea that I might cry. It also has to have a good song in the background. A little action (maybe a nice explosion) would be nice, too. And it must, MUST, feature a celebrity that I feel is worthy of my time and analysis.
These are pretty basic requirements for me to enjoy to a film, and I urge you to have a list of your own. I also recently added another item to the mental check-list I make when considering watching a new film based on its trailer: it must include Jason Momoa doing something domestic.
This first happened in Bad Batch, a movie that you definitely haven't heard of, but whose trailer I implore you to check out. In it, Momoa — a muscular and threatening looking gangster-like figure — dons a pair of glasses and an easel and starts painting. It's perfect juxtaposition between a burly man and a delicate action. Now, in Once Upon A Time In Venice, his new action-comedy with Bruce Willis, he's doing it again, but this time he's eating a muffin while wearing a wife-beater, bandana and surrounded by his gun-toting goons.
There's something magical about seeing Momoa gingerly holding a homemade muffin. Here — allow me to prove it...
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Now that he's painted, eaten (and potentially baked) muffins, I would like to see him fold laundry and assemble Ikea furniture in his next two films.
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Now, here's the trailer for the movie (it's about Willis' dog being stolen by Momoa, but I bet the dog would have a pretty nice life with Momoa as his owner TBH).

While I can't really explain why the Momoa muffin scene is so great, I can promise that it is going to be the best part of this film, which comes out June 16.
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And finally, who could watch a video with a muffin in it and NOT think of this?