All The Items Sophia Steals In Girlboss

Photo: Karen Ballard/Netflix.
After nearly a week on Netflix, you’ve probably binged its most stylish new show, Girlboss. But while you were watching Sophia Amoruso’s TV stand-in Sophia Marlowe (Britt Robertson) build a business, fight against being a "garbage person," and come up with Nasty Gal's name, did you notice the biggest trend in the streaming dramedy?
Guys, Sophia steals a lot. Like all the time, actually. Which kind of makes sense, since our titular girlboss begins her eBay company as a way to make money after she ends up broke, jobless, and too proud to ask her father Jay (Dean Norris) for a loan. From there she manages to create an online empire — which the real-life Amoruso ended up leaving — but it all began with some petty theft.
We created a handy-dandy gallery noting each and every thing Sophia managed to pilfer throughout Girlboss season 1. Scroll through to see all the things our resident Nasty Gal absconded with. Hopefully, the police don’t notice, too.
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Dumpster Food (Episode 1)

This is technically all up for grabs, but Sophia, girl, you did not pay for that bagel.
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An Entire Rug (Episode 1)

This is the moment — at the 12-minute mark of premiere "Sophia" — viewers learn Sophia isn’t like other law-abiding normals and we’re supposed to think it’s totally rad. Up until here, our antiheroine has done objectionable stuff like eating her boss's sandwich and dumpster diving, but nothing illegal.

That’s over as Sophia straight up commits a crime when she sees a rug in a storefront display, marches over, and takes it, right in front of the store owner. Confusingly, he doesn’t call the cops or try to stop her in any way. Instead, the girlboss walks away with a smirk on her face.
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A Drink, By Proxy Of Her Friend (Episode 1)

Sophia’s wonderful friend Annie (Ellie Reed) starts dating her bartender boyfriend Dax (Alphonso McAuley) at the very beginning of the series. Thanks to Annie and Dax’s newfound closeness she feels comfortable taking alcohol from behind the bar and making Sophia a (terrible) drink.

Of course, Sophia doesn’t pay.
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Her Awesome Jacket, Via Highway Robbery (Episode 1)

This one isn’t a literal steal since Sophia did actually pay Mobias (Jim Rash) $9 for her fabulous calfskin motorcycle jacket. Yet, she even admits to "playing" the thrift store owner and criminally underpaying him for the amazing vintage find.
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An Entire Book (Episode 2)

This is when I realized Sophia Steals A Lot would end up being a Girlboss theme. The would-be business owner decided she needs a copy of Starting An eBay Business For Dummies, but decides she does not need to pay the requisite $24.99 for it.

For once, someone notices Sophia stealing and tries to call her on it, giving us one of the most memorable moments of season 1. After getting pulled back into the store to get prosecuted "to the full extent of the law," Sophia flashes an asset protection specialist her gigantic hernia, shocking him, pushes down a period-perfect Marley & Me display, and runs out of the store with her pants totally unbuttoned.

We guess Sophia is a City Lights Bookstore kind of girl only now.
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Alcohol From A Movie Theater (Episode 3)

During Sophia and Shane’s Definitely Not A Date Through San Francisco, the pair break into the pantry of the Castro Theater to fill gigantic Coca-Cola cups with what seems to be red wine.

At least Sophia has an excuse this time, saying she bought a ticket but didn’t watch a movie. This is her consolation prize.
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A Psychic Reading (Episode 3)

After swindling the Castro, Sophia and Shane head to a terrible psychic whose operation turns out to be a drug front. The duo gets the hell out of dodge before they’re arrested with everyone else, effectively not paying for their reading.
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The Baseball From 2001 (Episode 5)

Sophia and Annie’s friendship begins at a 2001 San Francisco Giants game, where she "rips" a baseball out of a little kid’s hand. So, not only did she steal, she stole from a 5-year-old.
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Drink Tickets (Episode 5)

Episode 5, "Top 8," takes us through a few more of Sophia and Annie’s best friendship hits. Another one comes in 2005 at oldies night, run by Queen Of The Drink Tickets, Veronica (Iliza Shlesinger).

At the party, Sophia finally confronts Veronica about the fact she next gives the dynamic duo drink tickets. The party promoter explains the freebies are for people who bring friends, and SoAnnie never bring friends. Sophie responds by pushing Annie into throwing the controversial tickets in the air, stealing literally so many free drinks for the entire bar.
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The Gas Station Monkey (Episode 5)

Did you know Sophia and Annie are basically Bonnie and Clyde? In another moment in "Top 8," Sophia sees a stuffed monkey in a desert gas station and immediately steals it. The space between "Want" and "Have" is about 0.29 seconds.
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That Desert Motel Room Stay (Episode 5)

After a series of misadventures on the way to Coachella, a rideless SoAnnie end up penniless in the desert and stop at a random motel. The owner refuses to give the broke young women a room, so they obviously hop the pool fence and sleep on her lawn chairs for free.
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A Christmas Tree (Episode 11)

This is the final thing Sophia steals in Girlboss and it’s pretty apropos. On Christmas Eve, Sophia and her estranged mother Kathleen (Alice Ripley) steal a Christmas tree together after years apart. The scene reminds us how similar these two women are, despite the fact they probably can’t remember the last holiday they spent together.

Once Sophia realizes how lonely her mom’s life is she tries to stop being such a "Garbage Person," as the title of the episode references. And she manages not to steal anything else for the remainder of season 1.