Riz Ahmed Is Proud To Be Hannah Horvath's Baby Daddy

Photo: Mark Schafer/HBO.
Is it just us, or did EVERYONE have something to say about Sunday night's Girls finale?
You can add Riz Ahmed to that list. Mind you, the 34-year-old British actor (and bonafide internet boyfriend) has a vested interest in the HBO series. Ahmed played Paul-Louis, the surfing and water-skiing instructor whose fling with Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) in the premiere episode of season 6 resulted in her pregnancy.
Paul-Louis eventually opted out of being involved in the baby's life, and thus the finale saw Hannah struggling to do the single mom thing. Paul-Louis also inspired Hannah to name their baby boy Grover, so you can also hang that over his head. (Mamas, if a man thinks it's cool to name, but not help raise, a kid after a lesser Muppet or a U.S. president hung up on cultural assimilation, you are under zero obligation to honor his request. Feel free to buy a baby name book and do your own damn thing.)
Anyway, Ahmed has feelings about that finale.
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Via Instagram.
"So proud to be a part of @girlshbo history," the Rogue One and The Night Of star wrote alongside an Instagram pic of him and Dunham. "Working with and getting to know @lenadunham has been so inspiring. Straight-up genius. Just a real shame that the windsurfing schedule clashes with the whole fatherhood thing."

Haha, deadbeat dad jokes!

Amy Schumer was among those who liked the post, though a few Dunham critics grumbled about Ahmed's support of the sometimes-polarizing star.

They can hate all they want, but Ahmed has got nothing to good things to say about his former costar.
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Photo: Mark Schafer/HBO.
"Lena, you can't tell her to slow down," he told reporters at the Elle Style Awards in London. "She's writing, directing, producing, acting, and she's improvising completely new dialogue from one scene to the next as well. It's kind of mind-blowing [and] really, really inspirational, and intimidating as well. So it was an amazing experience. I'm really grateful to her for reaching out to me. She could have had anyone she wants on that show, so I'm grateful to be a part of it.

"It's crazy," he added. "She's a force of nature."