Who Gets Shot In The First Minute Of OITNB Season 5?

After what feels like a lifetime without it, Orange Is The New Black will return in just a few weeks on Friday, June 9. Netflix gave fans a taste of what to expect from OITNB season 5 with a sneak peek at the premiere's first minute. Now we know the new season will pick up exactly where the Netflix prison drama left off, which was at Litchfield Penitentiary's most tense moment in history.
OITNB Season 4 ended with the tragic death of the beloved Poussey Washington by the hands of babyfaced correctional officer Baxter Bayley (Alan Aisenberg). Poussey's shocking death and the terrible way it's handled leads to an all-out, screaming riot from the inmates. The sadistic CO Thomas Humphrey (Michael Torpey) gets caught in the middle of the insurrection and attempts to pull a gun on the understandably angry women. Maritza "Flaca" Ramos knocks the weapon out of his hand, and it ends up with Daya Diaz (Dascha Polanco).
The first look proves a gun actually does go off at the start of season 5, which will take place over just three days. Now the only question is: who gets shot? Take a look at the slideshow to find out who the victim might be.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
CO Humphrey

The newest, cruelest CO at Litchfield is the leading contender for the prison’s shooting victim. When we end season 4, Daya is holding a gun on both “Humps” and “Lady CO,” who’s actually CO McCullough. Daya has already told McCullough to put her head down, hinting she’s not even planning to shoot the fellow woman.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Humphrey gets hit with the karma stick in season 5, considering the many awful things he’s done to inmates. The CO forced Flaca (Jackie Cruz) to eat a live baby mouse, instigated a brawl between Suzanne and anyone who would fight her, and was once seen putting a cockroach in a blender.

Yet, he’s not the only person who may end up being Daya’s victim.
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Judy King (Blair Brown)

The famous chef is being released from Litchfield just as the riot breaks out. Interestingly, Judy ends up right behind CO Humphrey as Daya is holding a gun on him. If Daya actually pulls the trigger on Humphrey, but misses or is momentarily distracted, Judy could end up being the actual victim.

The immediate death of Judy — a rich white woman — would only throw the white supremacist plagued prison further into chaos after the death of a young Black woman.
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The White Supremacists

When Daya first picks up the gun, she originally aims it at the racist white supremacist sect and they look genuinely terrified. Although Daya eventually moves on to CO Humphrey, it’s possible she could turn her gun on Litchfield’s most violent racists once again.
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Twitter is currently worried Daya is actually the person who gets shot. Although we see her in a point of power in the preview, we have to remember there are other guards in the prison.

If another CO else has a gun, they could see Daya as a credible and deadly threat and react with their own deadly force. Let's hope this is not where OITNB is taking us after Poussey's heartbreaking death.
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No One

The theory that Daya shoots no one is currently the most popular idea bouncing around Twitter. User @Doctor0swald makes a good point, writing, “Heads up: Daya shoots the ceiling to shut everybody up. [Afterwards] they talk about what to do with him and then decide to gag & tie him up.”

This is the outcome we’re hoping for, since it allows Daya keep her newly reclaimed power — after she had a pretty aimless season 4 — without having the single mom commit murder, a crime that would definitely land her in maximum security prison.
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Another Guard

This possibility is also bouncing around Twitter. “I think someone takes the gun from Daya and shoots the guard(s)," @SHAEDADDY1 theorizes. We’re not huge fans of this totally plausible outcome since that means someone is still heading to maximum security prison — it just won’t be Daya.