You Can Now Match Your Face Mask To Your Favorite Emoji

1,851. That's how many emojis are inside the keyboard app on your phone, just waiting for an opportunity to sprinkle some adorableness into your Instagram caption or text message. You can use 'em to strike up a conversation, confuse your parents, or play coy on dating apps.
Historically, though, emoji usage has only applied to the digital sphere. In the event that you're face-to-face with another human being, well, you're typically tasked with the chore of actually displaying emotion. Not the case anymore, says Petite Amie Skincare. The Taiwan-based brand is introducing its own set of emoji sheet masks, Allure reports, so that you can express and treat yourself all at once.
What makes the news even cooler is that each of the six available treatments comes with a string of benefits that are tailored to the emoticon they represent. For example: The red, angry-faced emoji calms the skin after a sunburn and takes down any other redness you may have; the dude in sunglasses is cool as a cucumber, and loaded with the ingredient to prove it.
Click ahead to check out the whole collection, and get ready to get mad or surprised or really, really happy.