The Coolest Indie Products For Every Zodiac Sign

Do you consider Susan Miller to be your personal guide through the universe? Do you get shaky if you miss the latest "That's So Retrograde" podcast? Do you ask first dates their sign the moment after you order your drink? Are you a millennial? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, chances are you take planetary positioning pretty seriously.
We figured, since astrological signs can help guide us in our relationships, travel plans, and career goals — why not look to them for our beauty routines, too? We tapped Ophira Edut, one-half of the astrologer duo The AstroTwins, to give us the scoop on the perfect products for each sign in 2017.
"To pinpoint trends for the season, we look at Jupiter, the planet of risk-taking and bold expression," says Edut. Our beauty choices, obviously, follow suit. "Until October 10, Jupiter is in Libra, the planet that rules beauty and balance, so experiment away — but with discretion. No need to use a heavy hand!"
Ahead, find 12 indie skin, hair, and makeup picks to add to your collection based on your zodiac sign.
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The Astrologer Says: "Aries can come on strong, but with Jupiter in their interpersonal seventh house, a softer approach will get them farther. Reach for makeup that adds a [soft] touch while still having some of that Aries head-turning shimmer."
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Since Jupiter — the sign of balance and relationships — is Aries' opposite sign, Edut recommends reaching for something subtle that still has some of that Aries pizzaz. This highlighter is the perfect option. Its subtle shimmer can be layered on lightly for a sheer glow or packed on heavily for an intense, in-your-face highlight.

Beauty Pie Pro-Glow Highlighter, $38, available at Beauty Pie.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in their sixth house of health and wellness, beauty gets a minimal and fresh-faced make-under... since the sixth house is very much about pure, fresh, and minimal qualities."
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"An all-in-one product is perfect for this," Edut adds. "Taurus can be a little heavy-handed with makeup. Like Donatella Versace, they like their [looks to be] 'done,' but this is the season to try the minimal approach." Edut recommends going for something a little more subdued, like this multi-use cream product that can be tapped onto the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

W3ll People Universalist Multi-Stick in Raspberry, $24, available at Anthropologie.
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The Astrologer Says: "All that glitters, shimmers, and glows is right up your alley with Jupiter in your glamorous and bold fifth house. You're in it to turn heads and stand out now."
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"This vibrant blush puts color in your cheeks to match the dialed-up life force energy that's pulsing through you now," says Edut. Plus, it doubles as a pretty peach lip color.

Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush, $29, available at Credo Beauty.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your nurturing and domestic fourth house, this is prime pampering time. You'll be glad to luxuriate at home with a 20-minute mask — a welcome excuse to stay in!"
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When it comes to picking a mask though, Edut recommends staying close to your cancer roots. "Cancer the crab lives by (and for) the sea, and this mask's main ingredient is Icelandic sea kelp," she says. It also contains a host of minerals and honey to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Hannes Dottir Seamasque, $95, available at Cap Beauty.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your eclectic third house, you want options. You're a veritable shape-shifter this season. With your social life abuzz, you don't want to spend all day primping in the mirror (how very un-Leo!)."
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We get it, you're busy, so opt for a one-shadow look to quickly define your eyes before zipping out the door. These cruelty-free, pigmented shadows from Hush + Dotti come in 18 shades that look awesome all on their own.

Hush + Dotti Organic Eye Shadow, $24, available at Hush + Dotti.
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The Astrologer Says: "Virgo is the zodiac's most natural and hygienic sign, and you're always concerned about purification. Since virgo is the sign of virtue, you love things being pure and clean — you might wear a full face of makeup during the day, but you wash it off at night."
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That's why a heavy-duty cleansing oil like this one will come in clutch. "You'll love how this product [hydrates] your skin while also removing your makeup," says Edut. Bonus points: It smells like pineapples.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover, $42, available at One Love Organics.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your bold first house, it's time for your modest sign to step up and stand out. Stay away from pastel colors and reach for a vibrant red."
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This lipstick from Kosås ticks all the boxes: It's intensely pigmented, feels like balm, and is loaded with hydrating ingredients like grape seed oil, mango seed butter, and shea butter.

Kosås Weightless Lip Color in Thrillest, $24, available at Kosås.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your watery, feminine twelfth house, your inner siren is at the helm. The twelfth house is naturally ruled by pisces, which is the sign of the mermaid."
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"Reach for this beachy and bath-friendly product that doubles as a body wash," says Edut. It'll leave you smelling like an orange Creamsicle all day, which, we promise, is a very good thing to smell like.

Urban Outfitters Mermaid Shampoo & Conditioner, $35 each, available at Urban Outfitters.
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The Astrologer Says: "Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in your futuristic eleventh house which rules technology and electronics. It's the house of the future and is associated with metals, glass, and modern materials. Rocking a metallic hue is right up your alley and adventurous archers are often the first in line to try a bold new trend."
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This easy-to-apply glitter hair gel makes creating glitter braids, parts, and undercuts easy. "As one of the zodiac's most flamboyant signs, you might quickly move from a simple streak to your whole mane," says Edut.

Major Moon Shine Glitter Gel in Iggy Stardust, $28, available at Major Moon Shine.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your hardworking tenth house of career, you could spend long days at the office, where the lighting and air are anything but kind to your skin. Exfoliate it away with a mask after you put in that overtime. You'll have the paycheck, but not the complexion, to show for it."
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This resurfacing mask from True Botanicals contains lactic acid to brighten dull skin and a host of hydrating butters and oils to soothe and moisturize.

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask, $90, available at True Botanicals.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your global and edgy ninth house of travel, festival-hopping could be on the agenda. Reach for a bold, bohemian-inspired lipstick."
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This purple lipstick will instantly make you feel like your coolest self.

Axiology Lipstick in Desire, $30, available at Axiology.
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The Astrologer Says: "With Jupiter in your mysterious and transformational eighth house, you rule the night this season. The eighth house is associated with scorpio, the eighth sign. Scorpio is all about the transformation of the phoenix which crashes and rises again — it's about rejuvenation and reinvention, shedding to be reborn."
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An overnight serum with exfoliating ingredients will rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. This one from Krypris, aptly named Moonlight Catalyst, features fermented pumpkin enzymes and rosehip seed extract to soothe and brighten.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, $77, available at Kypris.
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