Forget The Body-Shamers, This Woman's Style Is So Awesome

Photo: via @luhshawnay. 
Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going anywhere. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet (and the world of outside it) a safer space for everyone — especially women.
La'Shaunae Steward, a 20-year-old in Charleston, took to Instagram to share some mirror selfies earlier this month. In the shots, Steward wears a "Thrasher"-emblazoned tee, a.k.a. the skateboarding mag merch-turned-celeb favorite worn by the likes of Rihanna and Justin Bieber, to the dismay of the publication (or, as Vogue put it, "every cool model's off-duty staple"). Steward paired the tee with a denim skirt that she'd proudly frayed herself, as she told BuzzFeed, and that's actually why she posted the shots in the first place: to show off her DIY skills.
She looks awesome in the shots (and very relatable, because, hey, haven't we all been there, making multiple attempts with awkward, contorting angles to get a full-body selfie?). But unfortunately, some people trolled Steward, tacking on mean, body-shaming captions that took aim at her physique and her skateboarding-themed tee. "I’ve been wanting to learn how to skate for such a long time — since I was a teenager — and I’ve always been scared of being ‘too fat,’” Steward told BuzzFeed, sharing that she'd been bullied throughout her formative years and that the comments were very hurtful.
Luckily, model Reece King came to her defense via Twitter, responding to a particularly terrible tweet about Steward's look with the following: "poppin skin, cute hair clips, lit hair, sharp eyebrows, bomb eyeshadow, cute outfit & you wanna diss cause of weight & a t shirt you lame af". That, thankfully, prompted an outpouring of support for Steward on social media, via follows, likes, and enthusiastically body-positive comments. Some folks even whipped up amazing illustrations of her #OOTDs as a very artistic, inspired way to say "screw the fat-shaming haters."
Ahead, check of some of Steward's stellar looks, as well as those aforementioned drawings of some of her getups.
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it took me a week to make the fraying on this skirt. #vbo

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The style DIY-heralding 'gram that started it all.
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Steward rocks flame-festooned hotpants, paired with a white hoodie plus matching cat-eye sunnies and hair clips.
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A simple black and white getup lets a very on-trend beret (plus those blue tresses) stand out.
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The giant grommets on Steward's crop top look channels the pierced clothing (and accessories) we've been spotting all over the place in recent seasons.
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When you coordinate your tie-dye crop top with her hair accessories.
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mirror pics til i die bc i have no one to take pics of me edit: yes i have a visible belly outline, yes you can shut up with your dumb "jokes" about it

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Yes, Steward had to deal with commenters criticizing her "visible belly outline," if you can believe it.
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More beret action, this time with a completely different hair hue and a buckled choker.
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when is an agent gonna find me on ig and sign me like i deserve to have $$$$ and to be traveling i am truly really iconic

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This is how you confidentially pitch yourself.
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Photo: via @cheesethedog.
Here's such a creative, heartfelt way to rally behind someone.
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Photo: via @namalas.
Another fantastic illustration someone created based on Steward's fierce style.
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