Why These Three Indie Brands Are Killing It On Net-A-Porter

Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.
While you'd probably think to go to Net-a-Porter for O.G. luxury labels, the e-comm also stocks scores of smaller, cool-girl contemporary labels. And for indie brands that perhaps haven't had much (or, possibly, any) exposure to a global customer base that online availability affords, having a way for someone on the other side of the world to discover and then potentially buy your designs is kind of a big deal.
So, what, exactly, happens for an emerging name, whether it's been around for a couple years in relative obscurity (or in the well-dressed arsenals of a select crowd of cool girls) or just launched, when it starts to get attention from (and make sales to) an international client base? Well, a lot, apparently. Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter’s retail fashion director, talked us through a trio of smaller contemporary brands currently killing it on the e-comm — and the interesting origin stories behind how she discovered each label.
First up, there's Ganni, the Copenhagen-based label founded in 2007 that's amassed a small but mighty cult following among editors and stylists. "It's a Scandinavian Isabel Marant," Aiken told Refinery29. "The brand has attracted a following amongst a street style set that reminds me of Isabel Marant’s cult following; the Ganni girl is all about irreverent styling and cool separates that can be worn in unexpected ways."
Next, there's Georgia Alice, a five-year-old New Zealand label that Aiken likens to "a more contemporary Ellery and Tome with a bit of Tibi," and notes that Alice is retooling "classic wardrobing and made it interesting with a more modern and exaggerated aesthetic." And then there's RIXO London, a print-packed brand from the U.K. that was co-founded two years ago by former ASOS buyers: "It’s very unique and has an authentic vintage aesthetic with modern prints," Aiken explained.
So, if you've ever wondered how a smaller name like, say, Ganni makes the cut to get stocked alongside a high-end household name like Gucci, read on.
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"Ganni caught our eye through Instagram discovery. I started noticing that the brand’s designs were popping up everywhere and being worn by all of the cool Scandinavian tastemakers. It was apparent that the brand was special from its cult following. When we discovered them, they weren’t selling wholesale online yet, so this was our moment to share an otherwise localized brand with a global customer...[we see] an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

"The Ganni customer is constantly learning about new brands and wants pick-up on styles from around the world. Scandinavian fashion is really cool, and there’s a reason that these brands have made such a footprint in the street style that we are seeing all over Instagram. They have a unique way of styling pieces that really stand out. Ganni’s collection consists of a lot of really strong pieces that can be paired together, but also styled on their own.

Ganni launched very successfully on Net-a-Porter last season: There was a number of sellout styles in the first collection alone. We also saw their signature T-shirts selling out like crazy."
—Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter's fashion director
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“Working with Net-a-Porter is one of the milestones you set out to achieve. You’d think that as you have such great expectations, you’d be disappointed once you get there. Not so! Net-a-Porter does not only equal global exposure and big orders, but they’ve also turned out to be a great partner that has pushed us towards the next phase of our development, both as a company and as a brand...It’s has been truly inspiring and eye-opening for us.”
—Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni's creative director
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"I was doing research on which shows I wanted to see when I was in Sydney for Australia Fashion Week, and I came across Georgia Alice. Her collection really grabbed my attention just from seeing one lookbook image. The show, showroom, and Georgia herself were all so impressive and spoke to me personally. Her style is very distinct and special. I really felt that it would resonate with our customer.

"Georgia Alice speaks to an understated, minimalist customer who wants a bit of unexpected drama with her classic styling. While the brand’s aesthetic is pared-back, the exaggerated hemlines, sleeves and luxurious materials do just that."
—Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter's fashion director
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"I have always had a very clear vision on who the Georgia Alice girl is. The growth of GA has been pretty organic, but in the last twelve months we have been working to an international strategy in Sydney...I also work with a team of beautiful girls, based here in Auckland, N.Z. Not only do I have a tribe that is determined, but I also have a family who inspires me, is driven and well connected guiding me through fashions terrain, and drives me to grow my label the way I want. I think having a solid Georgia Alice family helps keep me grounded and my vision clear. Net A Porter is amazing: They have looked after and supported Georgia Alice so beautifully. Being part of their incredible stable of designers is a dream come true."
—Georgia Alice, founder, Georgia Alice
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"RIXO London came across my radar when I started noticing a few girls in the office in their designs. I stopped them immediately and had to know exactly what it was that they were wearing and where I could find it. RIXO’s handmade prints are so unique and eye-catching. At the time that we contacted the brand they were doing everything on their own out of their apartment and didn’t have wholesale yet. It was an opportunity to bring this relatively unknown and new brand to the global shopper.

"RIXO’s silhouettes are effortless and beautiful. In a season of maximalism, prints are on everyone’s shopping list and RIXO’s prints are strong and unique. RIXO has been met with an amazing reaction since we launched earlier this month. In fact, the brand sold nearly 500 units in just it’s first week."
—Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter's fashion director
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"It's really has taken our brand to the next level and ultimately allowed our designs to be seen worldwide...It's so nice to see that our designs can be snapped up by lots of different types of women from all over the globe."
—Henrietta Rix, RIXO's co-founder