This Is How Stars Celebrated After The 2017 Academy Awards

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.
The Oscars are a venerated annual ceremony filled with finery, frippery, and foolishness — and the after parties are the awards show's badass little siblings. After the buttoned-up events of the night, the moments after the telecast are a welcome relief. We'd be lying if we said we didn't feel a little vindicated when we see Hollywood's most glamorous digging into an In-N-Out Burger after midnight. Stars! They're just like us! They like cheeseburgers and Champagne and flannel pajamas.
The main Oscar after-party is, of course, the Vanity Fair soirée. High-profile celebs show up in different attire — their party attire — and get down to business. Champagne is poured, elbows rub, and every five minutes, an anecdote for late-night television is born. The stars who previously looked so composed suddenly look a lot less constricted — literally. This is also when we find out what celebrities are secretly friends. (This year's surprise: Amy Adams and Vin Diesel, who posed for a cuddly photo.)
After the after party, as the song goes, it's the hotel lobby, and the hotel lobby is just as fun. There are a few photos from that, too. Ahead, you'll find the celeb Instagrams and press photos from the swanky aftermath of the 2017 Academy Awards, from the glam to the goofy.