The Best & Brightest Internet Reactions To Last Night's Episode Of The Bachelor

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Last night's episode of The Bachelor wasn't a terribly exciting one, probably because it was overshadowed by the announcement that Rachel Lindsay would be America's first Black Bachelorette. (After over 30 seasons of Bachelor nation, it's about damn time.) As the world turned towards Lindsay, Nick Viall faded into the background. The guy still has a proposal to do, but his tears seem insignificant now that we know who's headed for The Bachelorette.

Nevertheless, the internet persists. The show may not be all that interesting anymore, but my Twitter feed is still sparkling with Bachelor commentary. There's something about the ABC reality show that really brings out the best of Twitter, Instagram, and the like. ("The like" being texts from my friends and coworkers.)

The overwhelming opinion seems to be that Viall is the least appealing part of the show these days. Last night, he sent home Kristina and Danielle M., two fan favorites. The Twitter 'verse was not pleased with Viall's decision, especially because our lady Corinne is still in the competition. Corrine, the season's dedicated villain, should have been gone a while ago, based on the show's history, but somehow she's still around. What gives? (Viall gives, apparently — he gives roses to Corinne.)

Ahead, find the peanut gallery reactions that caught our attention this week. Some poo-poo Viall, some ignore him, and others just really want to meet Corinne's nanny.
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She may have gone home, but she's still on our Twitter feeds, bantering with executive producer Elan Gale. (Send her to Paradise, please?)
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Dear Nick: your intentions are evident. You just want cheese pasta.
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In most cases, I want Chad Johnson as far away from The Bachelor franchise as possible. (Stay off my favorite show, bro.) But his Twitter is actually a treasure trove of Bachelor commentary not unlike his snarky remarks from his time on the show. (Let us not forget the indelible line, "Milk is delicious.")

Brownie points here go to Kristina, who was kicked off, for clapping back at the Oklahoma native.
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Listen, love for a Bachelor villain can be conflicting. Yes, we want Nick Viall to find love. But we also want to be entertained. It's an agonizing moral dilemma, really, and one that's currently torturing Anna Kendrick, Oscar nominee and decorated actress.
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Nick Viall: the mighty ballrog incapable of love. Alternative titles include, but are not limited to, The Weeping Willow, threepeater, future Who, Mark Ruffalo lite, and former software engineer.
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When the season started, it seemed like Nick Viall could redeem the series for its recent missteps. (Looking at you, Juan Pablo!) We were rooting for you, Nick.
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The tweet is a few days old — apparently, Desiree Hartsock
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Fun fact: Wells Adams, a fan favorite contestant from Jojo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, is good friends with Danielle Maltby, who didn't make it through last night's episode.

"Just a couple of old friends who got dumped on a 1 on 1," he writes in the caption.
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Nick Viall posted this image on Instagram shortly after Rachel Lindsay was announced as the next Bachelorette. It is perhaps the best reaction to last night's episode. Nick may be a ballrog, but he knows where America's heart lays: with Rachel Lindsay.

"Bachelor Nation doesn't know how it all goes down yet, but as you'll surely see saying goodbye to Rachel was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life," he wrote in the caption.
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