5 Ways To Wear The It Makeup Color Of 2017

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There are a few shades of makeup we never, ever thought we'd wear on the daily — and orange is definitely one of them. But believe it or not, it was surprisingly easy to change our tune after seeing top celeb makeup artists create gorgeous, flattering, and not-at-all shocking renditions of the hue this season.
Don't fret, we're not talking bright, neon orange — this trend is all about a deeper, grunge-inspired variation best described as burnt sienna. Like millennial pink — the shade that dominated 2016 — burnt sienna is the perfect mixture of bold, flattering, and delicate. It's versatile, too: In some looks, the shade serves as a prominent pop of color, while in other renditions it moonlights as a deep nude.
Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite looks incorporating this trendy hue. Think: Daring two-toned smoky eyes, monochromatic ensembles, and super-matte lips. Oh, and we even selected a few products to help you incorporate the color into your look.
Click ahead for five ways to wear the trend — and get ready to see the unexpected shade everywhere this year.
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Photo: Via @patrickta.
The Trick: Make it monochrome.

Joan Smalls makes an airtight case for sporting cosmetic and sartorial renditions of burnt sienna in this look. Created by makeup artist Patrick Ta, the lesson here is simple: Monochromatic makeup makes for a polished way to wear the trend.

Start by grabbing a matte, burnt-orange eyeshadow. Pat the shade all over your lid and onto your lower lashline. Then, to add depth, work a matte, deep brown shadow onto the outer corners of your eyes and smudge.
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Try: The best part about Smalls' take on the trend is that you only need two shadows to mimic the effect. This single shadow by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the perfect burnt orange shade for all over the lid — then top it with a matte brown you know and love from your own kit. (Or, if you've passed on browns up until now, add the brand's Smoke shade to your cart, too.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Single in Burnt Orange Matte, $12, available at Sephora.
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Photo: Via @kyliejenner.
The Trick: Try it smoky.

Love a smoky eye? Trade your grays, browns, and blacks in for this more-colorful neutral — and wait for the compliments to roll in. Bonus? Kylie Jenner's take proves that burnt sienna works as well on the red carpet as it does IRL — it's soft, flattering, and totally wearable.

Use it as a one shadow look (simply wrap a matte orange shade all around your eyes) or work in a few shimmery shades onto your lid. Either way, the result is smoky and sultry — but isn't as dramatic as using your dark mainstays.
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Try: Jenner's own Royal Peach Palette contains two matte shadows that we're betting were used to create her looks: Peachy, a matte apricot shade, and Cinnamon, a true burnt orange.

Kylie Cosmetics The Royal Peach Palette, $45, available at Kylie Cosmetics.
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Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
The Trick: Go simple with a swipe on the lips.

Although burnt sienna shades may look daunting in the tube, the shade is actually really easy to wear on the lips. Because of color's ruddy, earthy tones, it has a similar effect as a brown or deep nude lipstick. Case in point: this look that Ta created on actress Olivia Munn.
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Try: Ta used Kylie Cosmetic's Pumpkin Lip Kit on Munn, but if you can't get ahold of it, try this shade by Dose Of Colors. The long-wearing, matte liquid lippie is a near carbon copy of Munn's hue — and feels heavenly on the lips. Read: Not dry.

Dose Of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick in Campfire, $18, available at Dose Of Colors.
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Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
The Trick: Go two tone.

Last month at the Golden Globe Awards Emily Ratajkowski walked the red carpet in this gorgeous orange-tinged look. Her makeup artist Hung Vanngo, used matte burnt orange hues on the star's eyes, slightly winging the shadow out to give the look a cat eye-like appearance.

And the lips? A sheer peach gloss. Since the shades fall within the same color family as burnt sienna, it lends a polished look to her entire ensemble.
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Try: You'll need two products to cop Ratajkowski's look. For the upturned eye try Too Faced's palette. Focus Candied Peach on the lid and Nectar under the bottom lashline and along the inner corners.

Once you've got your burnt orange eyes down, swipe on a layer of peach lip gloss. This one from Nyx Cosmetics feels like balm on the lips and deposits an even layer of color in one fell swoop.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, $49, available at Too Faced; Nyx Cosmetics Butter Gloss in Peach Crisp, $5, available at Nyx Cosmetics.
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The Trick: Experiment with upside down liner.

Although most of the looks in this roundup are matte, we're partial to this shimmery rendition on actress Kate Bosworth. A veil of light-reflecting orange color washed all over the lid, with a touch of vibrant, yellow under the bottom lashline instantly brightens her eyes — and doubles as a pop of color. Why does it work? Picking a few shades all in the same color family keeps the look cohesive.

Bonus: Novices will find shimmery colors to be far easier to manipulate than matte formulas because they have more slip, which makes them (in general) more forgiving.
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Try: The iridescent orange shade in this palette is a dead ringer for Bosworth's hue, while the gold hue adds the perfect pop of color under the bottom lashline. Tip: We'd recommend layering a primer first to minimize fallout and improve the longevity of the shadow.

Givenchy Beauty Prisme Quatuor Intense & Radiant Eyeshadow in Audacieux, $63, available at Net-a-Porter.
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Because burnt orange can moonlight as a deep nude shade, it pairs beautifully with more vibrant colors. Case in point: this orange-and-purple eye look.
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