Would You Pay $22 For This Strawberry?

Japan has some really expensive food. Two days ago, we brought you a gold-plated sushi roll. Today, we bring you a strawberry that costs $22, Time reports.

Technically, the Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box is sold in Hong Kong. But it's flown in from Japan, which means that the fruit is Japanese.

The thing will run you 168 Hong Kong dollars, which is about $21.80, and requires air travel and special presentation.

"It comes nested in an off-white cardboard humidor filled with the sort of synthetic straw you'd find in an Easter basket," Time writes. "The berry itself — flown in 'Fresh by Air From Japan,' according to a sticker on the box — is cradled in a little foam doughnut, presumably to prevent bruising in transit and to keep its juices from dripping into the straw."

This is, apparently, quite a good strawberry. But there is an upper limit on how good strawberries can possibly be, and you can get a whole mess of them for a lot less than $21.80. Still, might it be worth it for that single perfect bite?

We'll let you look for yourself.

高級いちご(´。✪ω✪。`) #にこすたいる #奈良 #古都華

A photo posted by にこすたいる (@nicomama252525) on

There's really only one way to tell: Mail me the expensive strawberries.

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