Beauty & The Beast Character Posters Are Here & They're Gorgeous

Photo: Disney
Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of its beloved classic is already living up to the "beauty" in its name. Beauty and the Beast promises to be quite the spectacle: the trailer has teased gorgeous scenery, delightful CGI knickknacks, and stunning special effects. The film really does look like our favorite animated movie come to life — which is why it's appropriate that the new character posters show the enchanted residents of the household in their human state.

We may think of the Beast in his more animalistic form, but underneath all that fur is one very handsome prince. (I mean, he is played by Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, after all.) Cogsworth may spend most of his time as an ornate clock, but prior to the Enchantress' spell, he looked a lot more like Ian McKellen. Of course, some people are exactly as they appear: Heroine Belle (Emma Watson) and misogynist villain Gaston (Luke Evans) retain their human forms in the new character posters.

Want a sneak preview at the cast before the film hits theaters on March 17? Click through to check out the stunning new posters.
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Photo: Disney
Josh Gad As LeFou
LeFou is Gaston's right-hand man, which is disappointing considering I tend to love Gad in everything.
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Photo: Disney
Luke Evans As Gaston
Gaston doesn't look quite as much of a muscly meathead as he does in the animated film, but that could be because they gave Evans a well-fitting jacket.
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Photo: Disney
Stanley Tucci As Cadenza
Cadenza, a "neurotic maestro," wasn't in the animated film. Appropriately, the character is transformed into a grand piano when the Enchantress' spell takes hold. (Cadenza is not to be confused with the evil piano from Beauty & The Beast: An Enchanted Christmas, a.k.a. the best straight-to-video Disney sequel, ever.)
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Photo: Disney
Dan Stevens As The Beast
It's appropriate that the Beast gets two character posters, considering his enormous transformation (both inside and out) during the course of the movie. Still, I'd rather stare at Stevens.
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Photo: Disney
Ewan McGregor As Lumiere
The man who would become a candlestick certainly dresses like one.
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Photo: Disney
Ian McKellen As Cogsworth
You have to appreciate McKellen's mustache transforming into the hands of a clock.
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Photo: Disney
Dan Stevens As The Prince
Yes, the Prince was a huge jerk before true love (and decades living in a prison of his own creation) set him straight, but he certainly knew how to dress.
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Photo: Disney
Gugu Mbatha-Raw As Plumette
Don't recognize this name? That's because the flirty feather duster from Beauty and the Beast wasn't actually named in the original film. In the stage musical, Plumette is known as "Babette."
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Photo: Disney
Kevin Kline As Maurice
Kline certainly looks more dashing than the scatter-brained inventor does in the 1991 film. Perhaps that's because, in this version of the story, it's Belle who is the tinker of the family.
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Photo: Disney
Audra McDonald As Garderobe
Garderobe's name already sounds like wardrobe, so it's only fitting that this woman becomes one after the spell takes hold.
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Photo: Disney
Emma Thompson As Mrs. Potts
The cheery maid is all-smiles in this new poster, which is appropriate, given that she's the only one who can really brighten Belle's mood when she moves into the castle.
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Photo: Disney
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