The Latest YouTube Trend Sure To Burn Your Face Off Is Smoking Weed With Lasers

Photo: Getty Images
In the latest trend on YouTube that seems like a good way to put your eye out (or burn your face off), people are smoking pot – presumably in states where this is now legal – with lasers. Of course, they are documenting this for the world to see on YouTube.

Let's take a look at this trend, called "blasering."

In the video below a gentleman, who clarifies he is an 18+ medical marijuana patient, isn't even quite sure what his laser is. It came with red-tinted glasses, however, which he thankfully decided to wear while heating his bong hit with a laser.
The next video is terrifying. A guy is reclining on a couch with a joint, and his friend lights it from across the room with a laser. If something can light a joint on fire, it could do the same thing to your hair, or anything flammable within reach.
If you're going to indulge in smoking legal marijuana, we'd suggest using a lighter. Or better yet, get some edibles and be kind to your lungs. If you must use a laser, get some protective eyewear and don't do it from across the room. You do not want to explain what you were doing at the emergency room.