These E.L.F. Palettes Have A Secret Compartment Even James Bond Would Appreciate

This year, E.L.F. blew our collective minds when we found out that its lipstick containers housed a secret reserve compartment of color. Now, the cult drugstore brand is at it again with its latest reveal: contour, illuminating, and blush palettes with a Bondian spy trick of their own.
The brand explained its latest packaging hack on Instagram. The caption: โ€œFun fact: Did you know you can pop the squares out of our Contour, Illuminating, and Blush Palettes?โ€ For the record, no, we did not.

Our minds are reeling with possibilities. As the brand suggests, this means we can pop out and customize its two or four-product palettes โ€” a feature we've mostly only seen with pricier beauty brands. Or, we could use the hidden compartment โ€” which is neatly tucked under the product rectangle or square โ€” as a cooler way to stash emergency money, Altoids, hair ties, whatever. Now, excuse us while we get poppin'.