All The Social Media Trends We're Ready To Bid Farewell To

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
While 2016 brought us plenty of viral moments that we can't wait to see more of next year (a new "Damn, Daniel," perhaps?), the same can't be said of all of this year's biggest social media trends.

The mannequin challenge? That was funny and creative. Throwing your phone in the air so you can take a selfie of yourself high-fiving yourself? That's just plain stupid. Come on — nobody wants to deal with a cracked phone screen.

Bizarre challenges aside, this was also a year when fake news sadly took center stage, and trolls seemed to be more present than ever before. If we want our online lives to be better in 2017, it starts with getting rid of these 10 social media trends. Ahead, the habits and trends we hope are on the way out.
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Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner.
Using Snapchat Filters On Places That Aren't Snapchat

We get it — you love Snapchat lenses. They apply your makeup for you, give you pretty flower crowns that would be near impossible to create on your own, and make you look silly in the prettiest ways. But please, let's not overdo it. Snapchat lenses are meant for...Snapchat. There's no need to take screenshots and use them on everything from Instagram and Facebook to your dating-app profile.
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Photo: Twitter.
Obsessing Over The Loss Of The Headphone Jack

Why, Apple, why? Word that the headphone jack was no more (RIP) sent ripples through the online world. And while there have been many interesting solutions, including drilling a hole, buying a case with a jack, and more, it's time to give up a fight that's not worth fighting. Buy a pair of wireless headphones and embrace a headphone jack-free future.
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Photo: Instagram/Demi Lovato.
Using Instagram Stories As A Way To Direct People To Snapchat

To Demi Lovato's credit, she posted this on her story when Instagram Stories was still in its earliest days, without many of the fun features of Snapchat. But now that it's gotten plenty of creative tools and live video, there's no need to continue referring people to your Snapchat. If you're going to use Instagram Stories and Snapchat, create original content on both. Otherwise, pick one and stick to it.
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Photo: Twitter.
Using Your iPhone 7 In The Shower

Let's get something straight: The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, not waterproof. You can spill a drop of water on it and not have to worry, but taking your phone into the shower to check your Instagram while soaping up isn't smart. It's just a recipe for a broken iPhone.
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Photo: Instagram.
Excessive Hashtagging

This should have died years ago, but for some reason people are still going crazy with hashtags. We're #OverIt. One thing we're especially tired of: using #nofilter when it's clear you've added a filter. If you want to learn more about how to use hashtags the smart way, try these tricks.
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Photo: Snapchat/Dj Khaled.
Using The Exact Same Emoji For Everything

Enough is enough, DJ Khaled. Not everything is a "key" to life, even though your emoji use suggests otherwise. With Apple's latest update, which introduced hundreds of new and redesigned emoji, it's time to diversify the ones you text and snap with, even if you do have a particular favorite.
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Photo: Facebook.
Sharing Fake News On Facebook

Some social media fads are innocent, but this one was not. Stop the spread of fake news in 2017 by checking twice before you share an article, even if it has ABC News as part of its title — is one of the most widely shared fake news sites. Here's how you can know whether what you're reading is real or not.
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Photo: The New York Times.
Getting All Your News From Facebook

Another easy way to avoid fake news — don't go to Facebook for all of your coverage. According to the Pew Research Center, 66% of Facebook users are most likely to get their news from the site. Remember those things called newspapers? Go directly to the source — The New York Times app or Quartz — and diversify what you're reading.
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Photo: Twitter.
The Selfie Self-High-Five Trend

Like the iPhone-in-the-shower trend, this viral challenge, which began when Seth Schneider photographed himself high-fiving himself, is one of the easiest ways to end up at the Apple Store. Do you really want to deal with a broken screen in 2017?
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Photo: Twitter.

Trolls have been around since the beginning of the internet, but their presence seemed especially bad this year. Part of that is likely due to the fact that it was an election year, but plenty of non-election-related harassment happened online. Just look at the racist attacks made towards Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Saying that we want to see this disturbing trend disappear might be wishful thinking, but if we all pledge to fight it when we see it occurring, that's one step in the right direction.
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