Christina Milian's Hair Evolution Will Make You Want To Try Something Wild

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If you fell in love with Christina Milian after Be Cool or rewatched the "Dip It Low" music video oh, approximately a million times, you'll probably agree with us that the R&B singer's beauty evolution has been epic. From 2001 to 2016, Milian has consistently evolved through her career. With all that time in the spotlight during some major formative years, she has rocked a ton of looks we still love. Now, the 35-year-old is all about continuing her playful and daring relationship with beauty and we're totally here for it.

From hair piercings to the '90s brows, Milian has tried it all. And if you admire the TV personality and mom for her daring looks and low-key attitude, then you'll love what she had to say about the ones that stood out through the decade. We had a chance to sit down and go through every single one at Curve fragrances' newest campaign launch of #CurveYourReality. It was nostalgic, to say the least, and we're kind of tempted to rock her signature bronzed eye.

Check ahead to see what her opinion was on some of her best looks yet and get ready for some throwbacks and red hair inspo.
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The year was 2001 and Milian was attending an N'SYNC album release party for Jive Records. If that doesn't date the look, then Milian's response totally will: "It's not so bad. I have a beat face, but I was at least wearing makeup. Is it too much? Yes, but it was the late '90s/early 2000s."

She was just 19 at the time and Milian was stoked being able to get her makeup done by a professional. Her thoughts on it now? "It worked at the time, but now I know a lot more about contour. I would make my brows thicker now, too. I'll give it to the lashes, though."
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The Soul Train Awards meant Milian was ready to rock some major accessories, but the makeup? That was all her artist's doing. "Major drag looks. My makeup artist at the time was great and he did drag makeup back then, so this is major."
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The bouncy curls were all thanks to Ken Paves, but Milian got some flack for this look back then. "This look got me on so many 'bad look' lists, but if I did this now, I'd be winning. This is really close to how I wear my eyes now — it's a bronzed, brown smoky eye."
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Milan's hair color evolved a lot in over a decade, but this 2006 style was all about monochromatic vibes, "I'm giving off such a red vibe here. I loved having this hair color even though it damaged the crap out of my hair, but I think it's cute!"
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The Grammys are all about sleek and sexy — and this look brought it. "It was a stand-out look and it was a good year for me with a ton of new music. It was very classy and I really do love smoky eyes, even now — except mixed with brown, neutral tones," she explains.
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One of Milian's favorites comes from the American Music Awards in 2010. "I still sometimes repost this look. I die over it! It was after I had my baby — it was like my revenge hair and body, like, 'Bitch, I'm back!'"
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By August 2011, Milian was all about the summer vibes. "I did my own hair for this for sure. I really loved this look because the outfit and lips were really vibrant and worked well together, but still were a contrast in a flattering way."
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"Lashes did the job here," Milian tells us — and we agree. "It's vibrant and fun. I can't remember how it was all put together, but I feel like I did it myself. The strap-on ponytail totally killed it," she explains.
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Trust Milian to always bring a sultry look to the red carpet. "I like the highlights and my straight hair. It's nice to have your long hair down like this with this kind of dress — let your hair down!" she says.
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Milan is just like us and has a love/hate relationship with bobs. "I cut my hair short last September and every now and then, it looked hot and other times, I was having like a crisis about it," she explains. But on the other hand, she knows it was a fun choice, saying, "When I looked back, I loved the confidence — it's all about your face. It's the freedom of having short hair. It's just a style on it's own."
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If this doesn't prove Milian is sipping from the fountain of youth, then we don't know what will. "I look so little! I loved the french braid in the front and I love big braid moments! It's just all super romantic," she tells us.
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Red hue #2: "This was easy. I had red hair for awhile, but it was actually magenta! It just looked red everywhere I went. I'd definitely do it again," she says.
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"I always say, 'You got baby hairs, you get yourself a boyfriend.' My sister is my hairstylist and I love it, so she did this one and all the braids were in the back and intertwined. It was great."
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There's no way we can ignore the amazing highlighter here, so we got Milian's rec: "My favorite is all from Artist Couture — the Diamond Glow Powders."
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Milan looks like Janet Jackson's twin here — and we dig it. So did she, telling us, "She's the only person who I cried meeting, so I love her so much," she says.
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"This look is strong and sexy," she explains, but the pitch-black hair isn't her natural hue. "I'm actually dark brown, but I dyed it jet-black. It gives it a real statement." With that mauve lip, this is a wearable goth look we all want to rock.
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This year, Milian was performing in Vegas and totally went there with her beauty. "You could only do this in Vegas," she said of the look.
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"I had just dyed my hair dark, dark black," Milian says, and we think it makes the metallic shadow stand out that much more. "I try to embrace my cheeks it makes me look young and one day, I'll want that back," she explains.
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2016 was all about accessorizing your hair; these rings turned Milian's look up a notch. "David Rodriguez [her current makeup artist] did this — all of it. The rings, everything. I love that he took the burgundy tones and put it in the shadow, too. I got the baby hairs out and he just killed it. I have nothing to say but bravo."
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This year brought on so many faux hair fake-outs and Milian joined the club, too. "I get nervous about bangs sometimes. They can go great or go completely wrong and bother you, so we clipped them in," she tells us.
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