This Site Is Like A Next-Level Ikea Catalog

No matter how badly I want the rooms in my apartment to look like they came straight out of a design magazine or an Anthropologie store, I always fall short. Some of this can be attributed to budget concerns and the fact that I don't have a decorator assembling ceramic mosaics in every room. But it's also due to my inability to translate what I've seen in-store or on the page to my actual pad.

This is where the new website comes in. The site works with designers and photographers around the world to source interesting spots. From there, it offers virtual tours of these spaces online, so that you can get a sense of how the space feels and think about how you might adopt parts of the rooms to your own place. You can tour everything from "an eclectic San Francisco haven" to a "luxury NYC penthouse."
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While there aren't any celebrity homes included yet, CEO Michael Tolkin says that you can look forward to high-profile homes in coming months. The site joins the likes of Modsy and other home-design companies that are bringing a virtual approach to design, making it easier for you to redo your apartment or start from scratch.

Combine with your Pinterest account and Instagram's new Save tool and you'll be packed with more inspiration than you have space for.
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