You've Never Seen Jackie Kennedy Like This Before

Photo: Harry Benson.
So, you've just seen Jackie, and you're obsessed. I get it.

The Jacqueline Kennedy portrayed by Natalie Portman is iconic. She's the woman we've come to know through photographs and newsreels, clad in a pink Chanel suit spattered with her husband's blood. But she's also a person, a woman who moments after losing the man she loves, realizes that she is also about to lose her entire life, and legacy. Portman does a masterful job of capturing Jackie's pain. She's glamorous— yet always aloof, removed. Even when she's mid-rage, we never feel like we truly know her.

If you google Jackie Kennedy — as I did immediately upon leaving the theater— chances are you'll come across Harry Benson. The 87-year-old Scottish photographer has captured every sitting president since Eisenhower. Jackie was his first First Lady. His pictures show another side of the icon: She's playful, vibrant, on top of the world.

That candid feeling is Benson's trademark, and the idea behind the upcoming documentary detailing his storied — and pretty extraordinary — career. He has snapped pop legends from The Beatles to Michael Jackson, to Amy Winehouse, witnessed countless historical events, and met with generations of world leaders. Harry Benson: Shoot First, directed by Matthew Miele and Justin Bare, gives us access to some of the lensman's most famous photos, and the stories behind them, in his own words.

Benson's relationship with the Kennedys runs deep. Though he didn't witness John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas on November 23, 1963 — the aftermath of which is the focal point of the Natalie Portman film — he was behind the lens when Bobby Kennedy was shot 5 years later, providing us with the most harrowing photographs of the event.

With Jackie earning some serious Oscars buzz, you'll want to bone up on your First Lady trivia.Click on for a behind-the-scenes look at Jackie, and four of her fellow First Ladies, as you've never seen them before.
"Harry Benson: Shoot First" hits theaters, iTunes and Amazon on December 9. It will be available on Netflix in Spring 2017.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
Nobody else could pull off this hat. Après-ski chic, Jackie O-style.

Jacqueline Kennedy on a ski trip in the Laurentian Mountains in Canada, 1968.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
That dress. That bow. That pillbox hat. Classic Jackie.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at the doorway of sister Lee Radziwill’s home in London, 1961.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
She looks so happy! (I mean, who wouldn't be, showing up for lunch with the Queen!)

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arriving at Buckingham Palace for lunch with Queen Elizabeth London, 1962.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
"Just a small town girl..."

Former President and Mrs. Carter in their home town Plaines, GA., 1995.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
Obviously, that dog is the guest of honor.

First Lady Barbara Bush with her English springer spaniel, Millie, preparing for a state dinner in the White House, 1987.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
The Bushes really love their dogs.

President-elect and Mrs. George W. Bush on the porch swing of the Governor’s Mansion, Austin, Texas, in 2000 with their English springer spaniel, a descendant of Millie, pictured previously with First Lady Barbara Bush.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
Once a cowgirl, always a cowgirl.

Nancy Reagan at Rancho del Cielo, California, at her relaxed best, 1983.
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Photo: Harry Benson.
Rumor has it the two were late to a state dinner because Nancy wouldn't stop dancing.

President and Mrs. Reagan at The White House, 1985. This was the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The dress is by Galanos.