Constellation Manicures Are The Nail Art You Actually Want

Photographed by Tracy Wang.
Call it the stepped-up version of the half-moon manicure, because our favorite new nail trend is just as celestial. That's right: The latest lacquer movement to hit our Instagram feeds is constellation manicures — and they're making a strong case for getting back into nail art. The simple designs replicate zodiac star patterns (and carry the same name as a certain cool-girl piercing trend) and interpretations run the gamut from abstract designs that make heavy use of negative space, all the way to complete galaxies done in detail.

Some use teeny foil stars or pearls to give the designs dimension. Others create a hyper-realistic version of the night sky. Most art featured here comes from South Korea, the migratory birthplace of so many beauty trends on the move. (So expect to see lots more of this trend stateside any second.) For those who want to double down on the look, groundwork can be laid with zodiac-inspired nail polish. But either way, there’s no better way for astrology lovers to connect the dots on their digits.

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Photo: Via @dt8thd/Instagram.
Ten individual star patterns are included in this galaxy mani: Orion and Leo painted on the thumbs; and Aries, Hercules, Cygnus, the Big Dipper, Canis Major, Pisces, Columba, and Triangulum on the remaining digits.
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Photo: Via @hanabbanana_nail/Instagram.
We love the abstract design and simplicity of this take on the trend.
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Photo: Via @yokonailart/Instagram.
This deep-blue is offset by a smattering of white dots that make constellation designs in the foreground pop.
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Photo: Via @tsukiko_6358/Instagram.
This manicure marries a trio of nail trends: the half-moon mani with constellations and glitter.
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Photo: Via @hellobirdielab/Instagram.
Aries and Virgo star signs are represented on each ring finger — a mani fitting for an astrology-loving bride.
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Photo: Via @takamax_/Instagram.
Gold glitter stars and polish are used to create this mani’s constellations.
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Photo: Via @nail_mirae/Instagram.
The paint job — which features constellations and phases of the moon — on these press-on nails is so cute, we want to reach through the screen and slap them on, stat.
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Photo: Via @notpolished/Instagram.
Who needs ombré hair when you can have night-sky-hued ombré-fade nails?
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Photo: Via @aym.nails/Instagram.
Gold foil stars and pearls take this constellation manicure to a new dimension.
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Photo: Via @agnesg.nailsjambox/Instagram.
This Libra and Scorpio design incorporates astrological symbols as well.
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Photo: Via @csx176/Instagram.
From half moons to full constellations, this mani incorporates many aspects of the night sky.
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Photo: Via @ladyandthe_stamp/Instagram.
This colorful take on the trend gives off an ‘80s vibe.
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Photo: Via @nailsknowhow/Instagram.
Holograms and constellations were two huge nail trends this year — and this manicure incorporates them both.
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Photo: Via @niasnaillounge/Instagram.
The haze of purple in this skyscape make these stilleto nails pop.
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Photo: Via @yuki.nails/Instagram.
This constellation mani calls on Pantone’s Colors of the Year (rose quartz and serenity), along with gold nail jewels, to stand out.
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