The Victoria's Secret Model Outfit Starter Pack

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/ Corbis/ Getty Images.
As anyone who's been on Instagram anytime in the past few days knows, the Victoria's Secret models have landed en masse in Paris for the lingerie giant's annual fashion show. Selfies have been taken, kisses have been blown, and matching outfits have been worn. There are more than 50 models walking the show this year — and, despite the range of faces, nationalities, and personal off-duty style preferences, a definite uniform has emerged among the Victoria's Secret class of 2016.

Yes, there was the one staged photo opp at Grand Palais, where the glittery catwalk's been installed, in which all the models wore their official show merch with white skinny jeans. But even from the moment they boarded the Angel jet, the women exhibited certain stylistic preferences: a knee-high boot, for instance, to tuck those white skinny jeans in — paired with a choker, perhaps. Seriously, the consistency factor is very strong among this crew.

We may be a ways away from getting our wings, but at least we can copy the rest of the outfit formula. Ahead, we've outlined the five essential steps to achieving the seminal Victoria's Secret model outfit.
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Step 1: The Merch
At this point, if there's no merch to commemorate an event, did it even happen? Obviously, a spectacle of the scale of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show would have official gear. We've seen it all over Instagram. And it can be yours, too — whether or not you'll wear it to #trainlikeanangel.

Victoria Sport Fashion Show Tank, $24.50, available at Victoria's Secret.
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Step 2: The White Jeans
After the pink jet landed in Paris, the models gallivanted around the City of Lights in their merch and white jeans — the most intimidating type of denim (unless it's of the stain-proof variety, of course). The models' preferred purveyor of skinny-fit bottoms appears to be Mother, if you want to stick to the Angel playbook.

Mother Looker Ankle Fray, $208, available at Mother.
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Step 3: The Knee-High Boot
As we know, models tend to be exceptionally tall. The Victoria's Secret crew sticks to that script — and, seeing as they're wearing extravagant lingerie, sky-high stilettos, and a pair of wings (and not much else) on a glittery catwalk, their stems stand out. They like to highlight this particular feature off-duty, too, especially with a solid pair of knee-high boots. In Paris, many of the models have been opting for Stuart Weitzman's classic Highland style — not totally surprising, since one of their own happens to be a frequent spokesperson and designer for the brand.

Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot, $798, available at Stuart Weitzman.
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Step 4: The Statement Jacket
Before they threw on their official show bombers, many of the Victoria's Secret models opted for cozy jackets for their international flight from New York to Paris. (Plus, a little texture and pop of color never hurt anybody...)

n: Philanthropy
Ziggy Coat, $295, available at n: Philanthropy.
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Step Five: The Choker
The pièce de résistance in any model #OOTD, of course, is the choker. It could be velvet, it could be gold, it could be bedazzled — pick whichever variety feels right (and makes you feel like an Angel). Rumi Neely's Are You Am I is a frequent favorite among the Victoria's Secret family.

Are You Am I Fina Velvet Choker, $49, available at Are You Am I.
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Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
So, where do we go to pick up our wings?