These Celebrities Are Actually Happy About Trump

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Hollywood is having a really bad day. Well, most of Hollywood, anyway.

While Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, and Robert DeNiro are no doubt mourning Hillary Clinton's unexpected loss to Donald Trump last night, a handful of moderately famous folks are in celebration mode. No, really: There are Republicans in Hollywood.

RNC poster boys Scott Baio and Antonio Sabàto, Jr. (remember when you used to crush on them so hard?) woke up this morning feeling joyous. Tila Tequila is trashing Sarah Silverman and gloating about "leftist tears." And we're pretty sure we know which Baldwin brother won't be invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

All we need now is for Jon Voight and maybe some more reality stars to chime in. C'mon, guys, don't be shy. It's time to claim your bragging rights. It'll just take a minute, and then you can resume making America great again or whatever.
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Stephen Baldwin
His brother Alec may be mocking Trump on SNL, but Baldwin is a big fan nonetheless. The actor posed with Sarah Palin at the Trump celebration, tweeting, "God bless America!! & our 45th President of the USA & the new First Family."
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Antonio Sabàto, Jr.
"What a [sic] amazing year it's been and a wonderful night," tweeted the former soap star alongside a photo of him and Trump. "Proud of @realDonaldTrump."
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Scott Baio
"Great faith in god works," the Charles in Charge star tweeted. "Mr @realDonaldTrump I'm proud to call you President of the United States of America. And First Lady @MELANIATRUMP."
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Stacey Dash
The Clueless star's reaction? "America will be great again."
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Tila Tequila
"What a glorious morning to wake up knowing that America will be great again!" the reality star gloated on Twitter. "We did it fam! How many bucket of leftist tears? Lol."
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Ted Nugent
The outspoken rocker posted a photo of himself with Donald Trump, adding, "This is the day we take our country back."
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The former Apprentice star also attended the Trump party, where she palled around with the likes of Stephen Baldwin.
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Kirstie Alley
The actress had this to say: "CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT TRUMP! @realDonaldTrump against all odds...against the establishment and even against most from the GOP...U did it!"