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We are less than a month away from the moment Gilmore Girls fans have been waiting for — the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on November 25. And as we approach the Netflix premiere, it's time to look back at the legacy the show has left. We know what Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham went on to do post-Stars Hollow. But they weren't the only actors who rose to fame after appearing on the fast-talking mother-daughter drama. A future Mad Man spoke with Lorelai in an early season. An Emmy Award-winning actor got his first screen credit for a short appearance on the show. A Nickelodeon star appeared as a Lord of the Rings enthusiast in the fourth season.

Click through to find out which actors appeared on the classic show in their younger days. We promise it'll get you ready for your Gilmore Girls trivia night.
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Danny Pudi (2006)

Before he played Abed on Community, Pudi was a Yale Daily News staffer tasked with giving his superior a comically large pencil, for some reason. He appeared in two episodes in season six and two in season seven.
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Krysten Ritter (2006-2007)

Though most devoted Gilmore Girls fans probably vaguely remember Jessica Jones has an eight-episode arc in the show's seventh season, plenty of viewers have done their best to block that season out.
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Jon Hamm (2002)

The Mad Men star had the briefest of cameos in a single season 3 episode, but that was all the fan fiction writers needed to inspire crossover stories.
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Chad Michael Murray (2000-2001)

Murray was a huge player in the show's early days, appearing in 11 episodes in the series' first and second seasons. But after all the love drama Rory dealt with in later years, the One Tree Hill star understandably faded into the background of our collective Gilmore memory.
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Max Greenfield (2003)

Greenfield, who went on to star as Schmidt on New Girl, had only two screen credits when he appeared as one of Dean's bachelor party buddies in this season 4 episode.
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Adam Wylie (2001-2003)

For six episodes, Wylie plays one of Paris' favorite punching bags. His storyline was actually based on his life — he did appear in the revival of Into The Woods as Jack.
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Chauncey Leopardi (2003-2005)

You probably remember Dean's buddy Kyle who joined the Navy. But you might also recognize Leopardi as "Squints" from The Sandlot, a.k.a. the kid who kisses and goes on to marry the lifeguard.
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Seth MacFarlane (2002-2003)

The Family Guy creator appeared in three Gilmore Girls episodes as three different characters, including a classmate of Lorelai's who she gets to know on graduation day.
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Jane Lynch (2000)

The Glee actress appeared in a single episode in season one, already 100% done with Emily Gilmore.
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Nick Offerman (2003-2005)

Offerman played Jackson's brother in two episodes, dialing the curmudgeon level up to 11.
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Paul Anka (2006)

I'm pretty sure Paul Anka's cameo in season 7 breaks the world record for the number of times the name "Paul Anka" is uttered by one person in a two-minute period.
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Carole King (2002-2005)

The singer behind Gilmore Girls' iconic theme song is a perfect fit behind the counter of Stars Hollow's music store.
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Norman Mailer (2004)

The esteemed American author provided one of the best episode names ever (captured here as a quote from Sookie).
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Rami Malek (2004)

Malek's brief cameo, which he seems to have (almost) blocked out, was his first screen credit.
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The Bangles (2001)

The band showed up to highlight the complicated mother/daughter/bestie dynamic between Lorelai and Rory.
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Bryce Johnson (2001)

Before he was on Pretty Little Liars, Johnson played Lorelai's very age-inappropriate (at least in the eyes of everyone at Luke's) date.
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Victoria Justice (2003)

Gilmore Girls was Justice's first on-screen role, and though she was just "Jill #2," she did get a few lines.
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Arielle Kebbel (2003-2004)

Kebbel played poor Lindsay, who could just never compete with Dean's first love. More recently Kebbel has appeared in Ballers, UnReal, and The Vampire Diaries.
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Scout Taylor-Compton (2001-2004)

Dean's little sister had a hand in some pretty pivotal moments in his relationship with Rory, including one of their first "just friends" outings. Taylor-Compton has since appeared on Nashville and Rosewood.
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Wayne Wilcox (2003-2006)

Naked guy remains one of the nicest guys Rory ever hung out with. Wilcox also appeared and sang a solo in the film adaptation of Rent.
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Alex Borstein (2000-2005)

On Gilmore Girls Borstein played Drella, the great harp player; off-screen she's married to Jackson Douglas (aka Jackson Belleville). She's best known for voicing Lois on Family Guy.
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Marion Ross (2001-2005)

Ross, who played the eldest Lorelai on the show, is a legend of classic TV, starring on Happy Days and appearing on The Love Boat.
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Emily Bergl (2001-2003)

After playing mean girl Francie on Gilmore Girls Bergl went on to arcs on Southland, Desperate Housewives, and Shameless.
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Riki Lindhome (2002-2006)

Lindhome played two roles on Gilmore Girls, Girl #2 who asked Lorelai uncomfortable questions during career day, and later on in the series, Juliet. She currently stars as Beatrice Bellacourt in Another Period.
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Billy Burke (2003)

Burke played one of Lorelai's blink and you miss him boyfriends, but now he's perhaps best known for playing Bella's dad in the Twilight films.
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Brandon Barash (2002-2004)

Barash appeared in three Gilmore Girls episodes as Jaimie, the first guy who truly understood and appreciated Paris (before she brutally dumped him). He's starred on General Hospital since 2007.
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Soledad St. Hilaire (2001-2005)

As Paris' beloved Nanny, St. Hilarie appeared in three episodes of Gilmore Girls. She's recently had guest roles on Modern Family, You're the Worst, and Getting On.
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Mädchen Amick (2002-2003)

Before she was Rory's stepmom Sherry, Amick played Shelly Johnson on the cult classic Twin Peaks, and she'll be reprising the role in the upcoming reboot.
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Bruce McCulloch (2003-2004)

McCulloch played Tobin in two episodes of Gilmore Girls but is probably best known for appearing in The Kids in the Hall.
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