The Raddest Hairstyles Celebs Are Wearing Right Now

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The celebrity beauty looks that parade down the red carpet can be a bit of a bore. The same-old chignons and ponytails? Chic, of course. Textbook waves and curls? We love 'em. And voluminous blowouts? Hey, they always work. But nothing is quite as wildly inspiring as when a celeb steps out of her limo rocking something totally unexpected. Is that gold wire in her hair? A twisted, flipped-on-its-head braid? A scrunchie? In the past few weeks, it felt like every A-lister was finally ready to let their freak flag fly. And we're ready to join them.

Ahead, find 29 of the hair looks that wowed us recently. The hardest part is deciding which to try first.
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A metallic clip is a great way to give your lazy topknot a polished touch. Hairstylist Ryan Richman created this look on Sarah Hyland using this $45 cuff.
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Gigi Hadid hit the red carpet earlier this week sporting a retro take on a modern hair trend: wet strands styled into a chic S-wave. All you need is a shower and a handful of hair gel.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kristin Ess.
As you likely know, fake bangs are having a major moment, thanks in part to hairstylist Kristin Ess. (Check out her tutorial to get the look.) Or, hell, bust out the scissors.
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Nyong'o accessorized her latest look with a piece of pretty metallic fabric — worn like a scrunchie. (Honestly, we didn't think we could love this woman more than we already do.) Pro tip: Follow hairstylist Vernon François for more Instagram accessory gold.
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Pull your curls into a high pony; then, twist and pin them into place like Chrissy Teigen's here. The takeaway? Bigger is better.
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Bust out the mini-crimper this weekend for an unexpected update to your low ponytail, like Anna Kendrick's. We're hoping this is just the beginning of the star's style risks.
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Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew added a formal touch to Kerry Washington's polished updo with a pretty strand of gems (see the back here!). Tip: A necklace you never wear (and a few bobby pins) will work just fine.
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Photo: @kyleeheathhair.
Got two long bobby pins lying around? Make like Ashley Benson and slide them just under your ears. It's simple, sleek, and incredibly functional.
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Photo: @jenatkinhair.
Hairstylist Jen Atkin styled Lily Aldridge's pinned-back waves and gave Hadid a set of clip-in bangs for an event earlier this month. We can't decide which we love more.
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Photo: @kyleeheathhair.
Hairstylist Kylee Heath likes to think outside the box. Proof: this fun, twisted hair fascinator on Elizabeth Banks. (Effie, is that you?)
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Simple, chic, and so easy to copy, this rad, wavy half-pony is the work of hairstylist Bryce Scarlett.
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If you can't decide between a bun and a twist, make like Kerry Washington and do both.
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Add a single braid to your air-dried hair and no one will ever know you hit snooze 40 times.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kristin Ess.
Hit up the craft store to cop the Star Wars-esque look that Ess gave Hale earlier this week — a gold-wire-wrapped half-pony that falls into a chic chignon. Swoon.
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Olivia Palermo proves that buns need not be boring. Start braiding from the back of your head up to the crown; then, twist everything into a topknot. Choker optional, but highly encouraged.
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Photo: @thewallgroup.
Blast hair with a healthy amount of volumizing powder to take bends and waves from everyday to incredibly full, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's here.
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Photo: @kyleeheathhair.
Still got that volume spray handy? Copy this look that hairstylist Kylee Heath gave Jordana Brewster in three steps: Pull your day-two waves into a pony, wrap a strand around the elastic, and blast with product for grit, hold, and body.
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Photo: Walter McBride/FilmMagic.
Gabrielle Union's half-up hair gets a modern touch thanks to a juxtaposition in volume: sleek and smooth on top, full and wavy in the back. (Tip: Cop this look the next time you sport an off-the-shoulder top for the full effect.)
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Photo: @brycescarlett.
Fun fact: Cool-girl frizz is having quite the moment — and we're thrilled.
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Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic.
Never for a second believe that a bob will cramp your styling abilities. Just look to this sleek, deep-side-parted chignon that Heath gave Kristen Stewart.
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Photo: @brycescarlett.
Chignons need not be tight to be formal. This loose, wavy look created by Scarlett is exactly the opposite, and yet still so fancy. (Bonus: you'll fool everyone into thinking you chopped your hair.)
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Photo: Baden Roth/WireImage.
If your short hair doesn't reach into one high top knot, try two like Rashida Jones did. (See the back here.)
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Photo: Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic.
Jones slays again with this pretty half-up twist — another ideal style for women with short hair.
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Photo: @lacyredway.
Ever wonder how Palermo always has the raddest 'do in the room? That's often thanks to her stylist, Lacy Redway, who gave her yet another cool twisted look here.
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Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images.
Fake fringe alert! This time on Bella Hadid. Convinced yet? Go for it.
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Photo: @lacyredway.
We know, we know — another Palermo style? But seriously, look at this twisted braid and tell us you don't want to wear it to brunch tomorrow.
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Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
The Streicher sisters create some pretty killer looks on the regular — including Emily Blunt's adorned updo. Now's another great time to look through your jewelry box for some necklaces or pins you aren't using.
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Photo: @mattshair.
Hair pro Matt Fugate gave guitarist JinJoo artfully placed twists — and they're incredibly easy to do at home. (The last look in this tutorial will help.)
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