This Famous Feminist Is Making Money Off Her Unapologetic Love For Makeup

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images.
Landing a cosmetics campaign is a big deal — they're few and far between, and, to be frank, they're where the money is. Even among A-listers, it's considered a major coup to become the face of a beauty brand. Which is why it's rare for someone who isn't a household name to score one, and almost unheard of for that someone to be a writer — not to mention, a feminist writer. And yet, it seems the tides are turning. One week after CoverGirl announced its groundbreaking first CoverBoy, feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was just named the new face of Boots No7 makeup, as reported by Vogue U.K.

Even if you aren't familiar with Adichie's award-winning writing and place in African literature, you likely know who she is. That's because Beyoncé sampled from her TedX talk, entitled "We Should All Be Feminists," on the "***Flawless" track, and more recently, Dior sent a T-shirt emblazoned with her phrase down the spring '17 runway. In her famous lecture, Adichie said, "I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity and I want to be respected, in all of my femaleness, because I deserve to be." Those are some fighting-for-a-campaign words, if you ask us.

She cemented her beauty-icon status with this quote: “I love makeup and its wonderful possibilities for temporary transformation. And I also love my face after I wash it all off,” she said in a statement to Vogue U.K. “There is something exquisitely enjoyable about seeing yourself with a self-made new look. And for me, that look is deeply personal. It isn’t about what is in fashion or what the rules are supposed to be. It’s about what I like. What makes me want to smile when I look in the mirror. What makes me feel slightly better on a dull day. What makes me comfortable.” Yes. Girl.

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