Prepare To Be Totally Mesmerized By This Unicorn-Cookie Decorating Video

Unicorns are having a major moment in the world of baking, which makes sense. The aesthetic associated with this mythical creature includes vibrant colors and glitter galore, two elements that lend themselves to cutesy cakes and cookies. We've barely had time to get over that new unicorn cake trend, but now there's another sweet treat you have to see to believe.

Holly Thomas runs an Instagram account under the clever username @doughmestichousewife. Here, she posts impressive photos of her cookie art. She also shares videos of the decorating process, and they're downright mesmerizing. Recently, she posted a clip of her icing a unicorn cookie, and we cannot stop watching it.
Every second, from the rainbow icing being rolled together to the metallic nose being painted on, makes us want a bite. The video is so relaxing, it might just put you to sleep. But heads up if that happens: You'll probably wake up hungry. When you finally manage to pry your hypnotized eyes away, we recommend browsing through the rest of Thomas' cookie creations β€” especially if the intersection between Lisa Frank friends and sugar-laden edibles is your happy place.

We are ready to party tomorrow! πŸŽ‰πŸ¦„πŸ’— #thedoughmestichousewife #doughmestichousewife #decoratedcookies

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