Uh Oh, Are These J.Lo Glasses Back?

Okay. I know. These sunglasses are insane; there's no getting around that. But, before you freak out, hear me out. In the early 2000s, celebrities rocked huge, wrap-around — or "shield" — sunglasses. Usually, the lenses were colored (sometimes, they featured a smokey gradient), and they were always in-your-face aggressive.

Last year, colored lenses were resurrected in the form of circular and aviator silhouettes, but most people gravitated toward classic shapes, like the cat-eye. Today's shades are still fun, they have just definitely chilled out, and these wild-and-crazy iterations have taken a backseat. Until now. Just weeks ago during Fashion Month, runways featured playful pieces similar to those you'd wear paint-balling, confirming that this early-aughts aesthetic is back in a big way. Add that to the fact that the industry is currently experiencing a state of post-irony — where the coolest trend-setters are wearing things most would find absurd — and their revival is suddenly crystal clear. So, say hello to the shield shade, 2016's latest comeback kid.
To help you ready yourself for their return, we've put together images of celebs rocking the infamous shades in 2001, as well as some options you can buy now. I get this look doesn't tickle everyone's fancy, so if you hate it, leave it alone. For everyone else, get inspired by the #TBTs, ahead.
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Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
A serious Glo by J.Lo moment. These Chanel wrap-around shades were it in 2001.
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Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.
With the return of the '90s, Aaliyah has especially become a top style icon. And what do you know, she's wearing shield shades and looking great doing it.
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Photo: SGranitz/WireImage.
I'd be remiss to not include either Britney or Paris in this slideshow. Here is Brit in a gradient pair of shield shades.
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Some brands have hopped on the bandwagon early. This recent collaboration is showing us how to do shield shades in a 2016 way.

Gentle Monster x Opening Ceremony Zhora Ori, $380, available at Gentle Monster.
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Everyone loves Ray-Ban for its classic sunnies. But you can also get that logo embossed on a pair of shield shades.

Ray-Ban 60mm Shield Sunglasses, $185, available at Nordstrom.
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If you want the real deal, I recommend hitting up The Real Real.

Chanel Gradient Shield Sunglasses, $125, available at The Real Real.
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While these aren't exactly shield shades as we know them from the early aughts, they do have a similar vibe, and trendsetter Rihanna was involved. Have I convinced you yet?

Dior Rihanna Sunglasses, available at Dior.
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For a less pricey, but just as authentic option, look to Rocawear.

Rocawear Womens R420, $55, available at Amazon.