These Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are True Magic Wands

Courtesy Storybook Cosmetics.
Any makeup addict can attest to the fact that really good products can feel magical. And now, that analogy is taking on a whole new meaning, because Harry Potter-inspired wand-shaped brushes are on the way — and we can barely contain our excitement.

Earlier today, Allure reported on the Makeup Addiction Reddit forum that first teased the wizardly set created by Storybook Cosmetics. No other info had been released. And just as we started repeating "accio" to ourselves, a happy message appeared on our Instagram feeds by the brand itself:

"The prototypes have been APPROVED and are ready to produce!!!! Release is scheduled for 6 weeks (or less!) these WILL sell out so, keep an eye on the page in the coming weeks! (We did our best to produce as many sets possible!)"

Six weeks, people! That's plenty of time to peruse the cosmetics company's other creations — all of which combine makeup with pop culture, like Harry Potter palettes and even a Mean Girls-themed Burn Book palette. We'll take one of everything.

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