This Halloween Makeup Trend Is SO Creepy-Pretty

Photographed by Brayden Olson.
If you think you only had to worry about your makeup melting during the summer months, think again. The latest Halloween trend flooding our Instagram feeds is all about that goopy, plastic-y effect that's equal parts spooky, trippy, and totally awesome.

It all started with one beauty blogger, who used scar gel to transform her costume into something that resembled the Barbie-under-a-magnifying-mirror moments of our past — and it's pure genius. So, feeling inspired, we set out to find our favorite melted beauty looks, and the options were aplenty. Turns out, all it takes is a full face of makeup and a little scar gel. And you can use it for any costume that "melts" — like ice cream or even the Wicked Witch of the West.

Click through for some of our favorites, then get meeellltttinnngggg.
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Photo: via @sashalubeauty/Instagram.
This look seems complex, but it's actually quite simple. Start by doing your makeup in classic pinup style — think super-saturated lipstick, dramatic brows, and rosy cheeks. To create the wax-like melting effect, you just need a similar gel formula to what you'd find on a movie set (like this Ben Nye Scar Effects Gel).
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Photo: via @desiperkins/Instagram.
A more delicious option, this ice cream look doesn't require scar gel — only the magic of makeup. Using a white eyeliner pencil, trace the pigment horizontally across your face, creating a "dripping" effect. Then, dip a small shadow brush into a black eyeshadow and blend to create dimension. Color in the upper half of the face with a pastel face paint (like the pink, seen here); add the finishing touches by diffusing the color with the white liner.
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Photo: via @tayymuaa/Instagram.
This one's similar to the previous ice cream look, only with toppings. And it's easy to achieve: Dot on a few bright sprinkles (we prefer real ones) just below the eye area, as Instagram user @tayymuaa did.
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Photo: via Glam&Gore/Instagram.
You can channel your inner Elphaba with this Wicked-inspired makeup look, created by YouTuber Glam&Gore. In the tutorial, she used green water-activated face paint and a tongue depressor to apply homemade gelatin for that "drippy" effect. To give it a little extra dimension, top your lids with a bit of shimmer and go for bold, fluttery lashes.
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Photo: via @creative_king_/Instagram.
We're obsessed with this Toy Story-gone-bad beauty look. To re-create it, use a mixture of gelatin and scar gel to make a melted effect; then, for the smoky look, dab some white and black eyeshadow onto the skin with a Beautyblender.
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