Tina Knowles' Trainer Has A Funny Sense Of Humor

Tina Knowles is a stunning woman at 62, and an accomplished fashion designer in her own right. But to whom does she turn to for inspiration? Apparently, her own daughter, Beyoncé, as her recent Instagram post demonstrates.

"My trainer Patrick sent me this photo so I would not eat a taco today," she wrote under a photo of Bey in a red latex one-piece. "He took it himself at the Houston Concert."

Now, Mrs. Knowles, we hope that you don't feel the need to deprive yourself of delicious, delicious tacos in order to look a certain way. Nor do we endorse women feeling pressure to look like their 35-year-old daughters. In fact, you might instead look at this photo and think, Damn, I'm hungry for a taco.

At the same time this is a rather funny "just like us" moment, when we imagine our own personal trainers (because, sure, we all have those!) showing us a picture of Beyoncé as a paragon of self-control. Just because Knowles gave birth to the woman doesn't mean she can't admire her too. Now, if she decides to dress up like her for Halloween, too, then she's gone too far.

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