31 Badass Women To Transform Into This Halloween

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Thinking of going as the rainbow-vomit Snapchat filter for Halloween this year? While we totally support your decision, we’re also pretty sure 10 other people at the party will have the same idea. So instead, consider paying homage to a seriously badass woman. Think sci-fi heroines, cosplay queens, and even some epic animated characters.
Some of the looks require a bit more time (and a super-steady hand), but it's worth it for all the heads you'll turn. We can’t deny that freckled deer and kiss-y puppy dogs are adorable, but they've never kicked ass and taken names like Daenerys Targaryen, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn.
Click ahead to see some of the best costume ideas for strong, fearless babes.
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Body Paint Included
Chris Evans wows us as Captain America, but it's time for a woman to wear the mask. The striking contour combined with full-throttle patriotism double as both makeup and costume.
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Photo: Via @muakayla_/Instagram.
If you ever dreamed of being a shape-shifter, here's your chance. Focus on your face, or forgo a costume altogether and paint your whole body in Mystique's cobalt hue.
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Photo: Via @akalyna_ne_verba/Instagram.
Copy Avatar princess Neytiri using three shades of makeup. If you're not into looking like a Smurf, forget the whole face and just paint on the stripes, white dots, and nude lips.
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Photo: Via @lustredust/Instagram.
Tigra is one of the fiercest superheroes we know. Transform into the ultimate tigress with orange face paint and trendy black lips.
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Totally Wig Out
We already know platinum hair is a dope color option, but if you're not committed enough to change your own, opt for a long wig. Add some scary contact lenses and berry lipstick to top off the powerful look.
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Photo: Via @sordazz/Instagram.
For those with a lot of patience, this impressive, and unsettling, look is all about the eyes. Doll up your lids so whenever you blink, you transform into an anime star.
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Photo: Via @argenapeede/Instagram.
Can't disrupt your history of sexy-something costumes? The Scarlet Witch is calling your name. Her fiery hair will make you want to wear a wig year-round, and that sultry, winged liner works on everyone.
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Photo: Via @aetherstar30/Instagram
If you're a part of the massive Sailor Moon fan club, then the makeup line was probably not enough. Go full-throttle cosplay and get yourself a blond wig, fluttery lashes, and some big bows.
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Photo: Via @cosplay_of_sacramento/@shikabane_hime88/Instagram
This Marvel superhero is a serious force to be reckoned with. While the Dark Phoenix's potential is overwhelming, this look is as simple as it gets.
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Photo: Via @carlibel/Instagram
Jessica Rabbit's eye makeup slayed on screen, and will surely do the same in real life. Also, those luscious red lips are major.
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Photo: Via @ktrues_mua/Instagram
Are we noticing a red-wig trend here? Weave some vines through your mane and go to town on your eyes and cheekbones with shimmering glitter. It's not easy being Poison Ivy, but it sure is fun.
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Photo: Via @kenllybolanos/Instagram
Who says Spider-Man has to be a dude? Ruby lips and a bedazzled web, and you're good to go.
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Photo: Via @veronikablack88/Instagram
Pull on an icy-gray wig and go as Babydoll from Sucker Punch. No need to go wild with the makeup — an everyday look with a baby-pink pout works just as well.
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Photo: Via @samschuerman/Instagram
Are you someone who couldn't stop thinking about Inside Out after the credits rolled? Same. That's why this "happy" costume is perfect. An electric-blue wig and a vibrant liquid liner are all you really need. Oh, and don't forget to smile...this is Joy, after all.
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Photo: Via @blushstrokes/Instagram
Play With Face Paint
This version of Medusa isn't technically a comic-book star or an animated character, but anyone who can turn their enemy into stone is pretty intense. Use fishnet stockings to create the scale effect with some loose, metallic pigment. Willing to push the limits? Find a chrome-green liquid lippie to round out the look.
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Photo: Via @larajen/Instagram
We tip our hats to you if you attempt Watchmen's Rorschach look. This antihero's inkblot face isn't easy to re-create, but it's impressive as hell when you finish. Want to amp up the look? Glue on some falsies to add even more drama.
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Photo: Via @laurenmaee16/Instagram
Cara Delevingne had a whole makeup crew to turn her into the Enchantress, but we think you can take on the challenge. Stencil on her ancient markings and strategically smudge a deep bronzer on your hands and face to give the illusion that you've been buried for thousands of years.
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Photo: Via @teenajademua/Instagram
As a staple in the longest-running sitcom, Marge holds a special place in our hearts.
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Photo: Via @avantengarde/Instagram
Option #1 for Daenerys includes minimal makeup and a lot of fake blood. Make a pit stop at your local Halloween store to perfect this don't-eff-with-me look.
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Photo: Via @creative.king/@akalyna_ne_verba/Instagram
The thought of slipping into a latex catsuit makes us cringe, so we're mimicking Catwoman's classic outfit with a brush. Pair the rubbery look with mesmerizing lips and smoked-out wings.
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Photo: Via @amanda_marsala_makeup/Instagram
Love X-Men? Emma Frost's look takes some concentration, but the finished result is a pile of glittering goodness.
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Photo: Via @clairedim/Instagram
Looking to terrify every bar crawler you pass? Pop in a pair of these Arya Stark-inspired contacts and drag a thick, blood-red lipstick across your lower lip. This look is definitely not meant to be pretty, but it's totally badass.
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Photo: Via @dehsonae/Instagram
Harley Quinn was everywhere this year — and yet we're still not sick of her. Joker's girlfriend can stand on her own just fine and we think these glitter eyes will set the look apart from the many Harley copycats this year.
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Photo: Via @idapod/Instagram
Keep It Simple & Easy
Maybe you can't shoot an arrow quite as well as Katniss Everdeen (or maybe you can!), but we're positive you can master her cool-girl braid and smudged liner.
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Photo: Via @makeupbyevelina/Instagram
Remember Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest? Brown lips make us swoon, and Calypso's definitely meet the mark. Blend deep-brown and matte-black powders on your lids to create the sinister eye look.
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Photo: Via @kamlegacy/Instagram
She may not have been a superhero, but Kim Possible's teenage-agent skills rocked our world in middle school. Pair a smoky eye with mauve lips, and you're ready to fight crime.
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Photo: Via @carlibel/Instagram
With the coming of Game of Thrones season, we'll definitely be whipping out some platinum wigs and strobing palettes to achieve the ultimate Khaleesi look.
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Photo: Via @akalyna_ne_verba/Instagram
Wonder Woman is our ultimate beauty role model.
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Photo: Via @morningdew96/Instagram
Go as Hermione Granger for an excuse to brush out your curls or pull out your crimping iron.
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Photo: Via @vigilantecosplay_/@meg_vic/Instagram
At some point in our lives, many of us have tried to master these Cinnabon twists. Now, those talents can be put to good use for a Princess Leia look.
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