The Craziest Theories Surrounding Kim Kardashian's Robbery

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Kim Kardashian has had quite the 24 hours. The 35-year-old was gagged, tied, and robbed at gunpoint by masked men dressed as police officers. While she was not harmed, the men did make it out with nearly $11 million worth of jewelry. All this happened when she was alone in her residence at Pourtales, also known as the "No Address Hotel." The private building boasts a private entrance and underground parking garage and has housed the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince. Kardashian and husband Kanye West also stayed in the apartments two years ago after their wedding.

As details continue to emerge, so do the conspiracy theorists and the skeptics. It's clear that something happened in that Parisian apartment, and that it was serious enough for West to walk out in the middle of his own show and for Kardashian to get on her private plane and come back to New York City after talking to investigators. The New York Post writes that there is security footage of the men who did this, which should clear up all the conspiracies that are currently spinning out of control. The idea that Kardashian is pulling a Ryan Lochte is pretty crazy, but let's take a look at all the insane theories (from "it's fake" to "her bodyguard did it"!) surrounding the ongoing investigation.
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Kardashian led her attackers right to her.
Kardashian has always been a loyal social media user. She creates so much content that it's hard to imagine what she does in her private life because it's all so public all the time. Could this be her Achilles heel, in terms of being too available? For most of her trip, Kardashian has flaunted an extremely over-the-top and luxurious lifestyle, sharing Snapchat videos full of everything from opulent designer clothes to flashy mouth jewelry to dozens of shopping bags.

The interior of her private and discreet residence was prominently featured multiple times in her Snapchat and could easily have been identified by someone familiar with the luxurious vacation spots of the rich and famous. Many French citizens definitely favor this opinion.
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Her bodyguard was in on it.
Kardashian often uploads pictures featuring her huge bodyguard, Pascal Duvier. Now, she obviously has more than one security personnel, but he is a little bit of a celebrity on his own. Duvier has 62,000 followers on Instagram and is very proud to be the muscle keeping Kardashian safe. Commenters on Instagram are flooding Kardashian's photos with him, asking, "Where was he when you were robbed" and "Always in your shot..but no where to be seen when u get robbed? Not buying it." However, according to reports, Duvier was out with Kourtney and Kendall, guarding them at a club, which is why he was not at the residence.
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She "deserved" it.
Kardashian has a lot of haters, and many of them simply think that she deserved to have this happen to her. Luckily for Kardashian, she has friends like Chrissy Teigen and James Corden in her corner to defend her (even if her family has been a bit radio silent).
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The whole thing is a hoax to get more attention on the family (and insurance money).
The one thing the Kardashians don't need more of is attention and money. But still, it is one of the more popular theories on the Internet. It's still not clear exactly what items were stolen (it's rumored to be two cell phones, jewelry, and credit cards) and whether or not they were insured. But this hasn't stopped people from joking that her apparent "jewel heist" sounds like the plot of Pink Panther, as well as an actual theft gang in France nicknamed "Pink Panther gang," but doesn't everyone know that truth is always stranger than fiction? Why she would lie about being gagged and bound and begging for her life, in order for more viewers on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is beyond me.
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Taylor Swift set it up.
Yes, the mastermind Swift planned this whole charade to get back at Kardashian after the Snapchat War of 2016. Twitter was overflowing with jokes about Swift hiring a gang to steal and taunt Kardashian in her Paris apartment. But this can't be true, because Gigi Hadid quickly beefed up her security, too, and as Taylor's bestie, she would never have to worry about Swift coming for her.

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Kardashian and West never took safety seriously enough.
The NRA's got (inappropriate) jokes about Kardashian's assault, but many others mirror their thoughts: Kardashian and West weren't playing their security cards well enough. A security specialist, Steve Stanulis, spoke to Page Six and said that when he was assigned to guard them in February during New York Fashion Week, he felt that they were way too lax on their security and that West even tried to ditch him multiple times. In regards to the attack in Paris, he had some strong words about Kardashian's choices. (It should be noted that he is also the guard whom West famously fired.)

"She almost got killed at gunpoint, because she didn’t want to pay for an extra armed and well-trained person," he told the site. "It takes one minute of dialogue to figure out if someone really is a cop, they should not have got in the building. Sadly, the only person to blame for this incident is Kim Kardashian. She has tens of millions of dollars of jewelry, but she can’t pay for an armed guard to protect her?" He also called the event a "wake-up call," especially considering that she was just attacked last week on the street.
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It was an inside job by someone at the residence.
Since Kardashian has stayed at the residence before, it wouldn't be that surprising that some of the same staffers are still working there. Maybe they remembered that she didn't have such strong security, or that she often traveled with millions and millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry. They could also literally have seen Kardashian's whole crew leave the building to go out clubbing, seeing their chance to perform their heist. Maybe they thought she wouldn't be home either, which is why she was left unscathed.
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Her family is up to something.
It's not that they don't care, but it's bizarre that they have not shared any messages considering the sheer value of media around the story. In fact, Kylie Jenner is still tweeting about her new lip kits. No one in Kardashian's team (from assistants to hairstylists to makeup artists) nor her actual family have said anything. This could be for legal reasons, but they are being uncharacteristically quiet. What's the harm in one of them tweeting, "Thanks for your support during this difficult time," unless there was something a bit off about the story?