Chloé Turns Your Dad's Most Embarrassing Pants Into Clothes You Actually Want

Photo: MCV.
It's true that dads don't always get fair treatment when it comes to their clothes — but it's also true that no matter how hard we make fun of their wraparound shades or freebie baseball caps, we're the ones digging through their closets looking to "borrow" things that have come through the trend cycle and become cool again. But does Dad hold a mirror up to our flip-flopping? Does Dad refuse to let us adopt his old Van Halen tee? Nope — Dad might try and make a joke involving a pun, your new shirt, and "that Jason Bieber kid," but he's too cool to call you out for once knocking his style.

The wide world of fashion right now has come to embrace Dad's most beloved closet staples, from sneakers to shirting, but the wide world of dad pants has largely remained untapped, until yesterday's Chloé show. Featuring super-wide cargo shorts, tri-colored board shorts, and camping pants, Chloé's playfully beautiful display treated those utility bottoms like a ball skirt, pairing them with delicate heels and pretty tops. Though we obviously always love the pleated, flowing boho dresses and jumpsuits that Chloé delivers, those dad pants were the best thing in the collection. Click through to start mining ideas of what to bring back the next time you go visit Dad.
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Photo: MCV.
These board shorts have overseen quite a bit of backyard grilling throughout the years.
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These super-wide sailor shorts might be a little more dramatic than your dad's tearaway pants (which he might choose to wear with this shoe instead of heels), and we love how glam they look with a cinched ankle.
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These are Dad's XXXL board shorts from that weird time in the '90s when men's shorts were actually just enormous pants.
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Remember when he found these camping pants at REI and asked if you wanted him to get you a pair, too? Bet you regret saying no now.
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Dad got a pair of shorts like this when he went to Santorini with your mom back in '02, and you've got a really amazing photo of him wearing them on a boat, giving a double thumbs up.