Chris Hemsworth Is Living His Best Life In Australia

Photo: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images.
Thor, schmor. Chris Hemsworth's regular old life seems to be doing just fine, thank you.

The doting dad, who is in Australia filming Marvel's latest saga, Thor: Ragnarok, somehow manages to make the most out of every moment spent away from superhero duty. Maybe he's doing it all to incite a crazy case of FOMO in his fans worldwide. Maybe he's just doing it all as part of his new gig as the spokesperson for Tourism Australia. Either way, we appreciate that thanks to a little thing called Instagram, we can enjoy these moments right along with him.

Time with the family? Check! Run on a gorgeous rocky beach? Check and check! Swan dive into a crystal-blue infinity pool? Well, see for yourself.
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Photo: Via @chrishemsworth.
We begin with Hemsworth's actress wife, Elsa Pataky, gazing wistfully out a plane window at the beautiful country below. "Just chillin in the sky with the legendary @elsapatakyconfidential," he captioned the pic.
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Photo: Via @chrishemsworth.
After a jog around Hamilton Island, Hemsworth clarifies that he if he looks "neither out of breath or sweaty, thats [sic] because it was more of a walk than a jog and i had a hat on."

Also, he did not "take this shot with a cool old school hipster camera like it may appear due to the light leaks on the image, I actually used an app on my very futuristic non hipster phone, I'm full of misconception and trickery, sort of like a magician, slight of hand kinda stuff."

Ah, honesty. Swoon.
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Photo: Via @chrishemsworth.
"Learning to fly," he wrote of this sunny shot. We would suggest the alternate caption, "How Chris Hemsworth Won Summer."