Instagram's Latest Jewelry Trend Is One Of The Easiest To Pull Off

First, it was in-your-face statement necklaces. Then, it was barely there baubles. Now, according to Instagram, the latest cool-girl jewelry trend is somewhere in the middle. That's right: It's time to pull those gold, vintage-looking chains and charms out of storage, because the style that's hanging 'round the necks of models, creatives, and influencers involves layering a bunch of borderline tacky (but in the best way) pieces to make one totally on-point look.

Though the style is by no means new (gold keepsake jewelry, especially in the form of rope chains and nameplates, have strong roots in Hispanic and African-American cultures), I started noticing it becoming a "thing" about six months ago, around the same time hoops started picking up steam again — call it yet another product of the Vetements effect. But, when Instagram-famed brand Bagatiba, which usually carries lariat necklaces, chain bras, stacking rings, and chokers, started selling variations of these Canal Street-style pieces, I knew it was time to get layered up (and scoop one up for myself, too). Pair yours with a graphic tee, a '90s-style lace camisole, or some other grunge-y floral treasure, and you've got a look that's practically made for the 'gram. Just take cues from the snaps ahead to see the many ways it can be done.
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A plunging top acts as the perfect frame for these layered chains.
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Photo via @bagatiba.
And, they're an easy way to style up a white tee.
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Photo via @thebreakvintage.
A choker seals the deal.
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Photo via @nataliepavloski.
Bonus points for stacks of coordinating gold rings.
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Photo via @vbiancav.
Matching earrings and watches take things to the next level.
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Photo via @reiflerpaige.
'90s starlet vibes.
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Ideal for softening up a graphic sweatshirt.
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Photo via @SincerelyTommy_.
Nameplates (and other in-your-face charms) are all fair game.