The Best Reads Of August Are Right Here

How hard is it to believe that August is already upon us? It like we blinked and when we opened our eyes again summer was almost over. But cheer up, buttercups: There's still plenty of time to hang surf side or at the pool with a good book. And the great news is that this month comes with plenty of fantastic new novels to toss in your beach bag.
Our faves from the first half of the month include Sour Heart (the first novel out from Lena Dunham's imprint, Lenny, which collects stories about immigrant experience in America in a way we've never seen them before) along with a reimagining of the true crime Lizzie Borden tale, in Sarah Schmidt's haunting See What I Have Done. As for the one we just couldn't put down: That would be The Lauras, by award-winning writer Sara Taylor, who gives the road trip narrative a new spin that seriously breathes new life back into the overall genre. There's more where those came from — and don't forget to check back mid-month for more titles to add to your reading list!
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