The Best Books Of April 2018 Are All Right Here

T.S. Eliot said that April was the cruelest month — but look at the batch of books coming out this month. April can’t be so bad, right?
This month holds some gifts for those of us who have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the follow-ups to favorite books. After five years, Meg Wolitzer has published her next novel, The Female Persuasion, a massive tome that explores a topic seen rarely in literature: mentorship between women. An aside: If you’re looking for a historical figure to look up to as a mentor, check out the 10 women profiled in Michelle Dean’s Sharp, out April 10 – each would make brilliant (and ridiculously witty) mentors.
Since April is the month of follow-ups, keep your eyes peeled for Madeline Miller’s Circe; like her 2011 book, Song of Achilles, this is a brilliant reinterpretation of Homeric myth. Curtis Sittenfeld’s first short story collection will appeal to anyone who liked her last books — or intelligent women narrators in general.
But April also has some fantastic debuts. For the freshest voice in literature, look no further than Nafissa Thompson-Spires blisteringly clever short story collection, Heads of the Colored People. These are the books we’re loving this April, and we think you will, too.
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