The Best Reads Of July Are Right Here

The thing about long hot summer days is that they aren't made for binge watching Netflix in front of the T.V. Admit it. You've got the air on high and it's hard to hear dialog over the fuzzy white noise and wind turbine whooshing. Which is why a book is actually a better buddy for the dog days of July, because the surround sound experience need not apply. It's just you, pages upon pages, and your brain, whiling away the hours. Ah, bliss.
Per usual, we've got some reads on this month's docket we couldn't be more psyched about, ranging from the literary and introspective — Zinzi Clemmons' What We Lose comes to mind —to lighter fare like Hello Sunshine, in which a rising chef's life falls to pieces and forces her to reckon with her former family life. And there's more where these nine came from. Check back again later this month for the rest of the July debuts on our must-read list! Until then, stay cool folks.
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