These Lipsticks Are Sold Out โ€” But There's One Place You Can Still Score Them

Kylie Jenner's not the only beauty mogul who can sell a batch of inventory in record time. After a worldwide release of its Liquid Matte Lipsticks โ€” on National Lipstick Day, no less โ€” Huda Beauty has sold out of every last color. (Thatโ€™s 16 shades, people.)

Now, we're not exactly shocked: The release from beauty blogger-turned-makeup entrepreneur Huda Kattan โ€” the one with the envious beauty closet โ€” has been highly anticipated. The good news? If you haven't gotten your hands on a tube just yet, thereโ€™s still hope.

Sephora is sending us a Hail Mary with a special stock of five shades โ€” Venus, Flirt, Spice Girl, Trophy Wife, and Bombshell โ€” available on the makeup storeโ€™s app right now. (Excuse us while we emoji-bomb Sephoraโ€™s feed with hundreds of hands to the sky.)
Of course, just because there's a special rescue reserve doesn't mean liquid-lip junkies should dawdle. If we've learned anything from fans' appetite for all things Huda and liquid lippies, we know this stock will likely vanish soon, too.