8 Touching Photos That Will Help You Celebrate Obama's Birthday

Photo: Courtesy of Pete Souza.
Update: Today is President Obama's 55th birthday. Ahead, a look at some of the most iconic photos from his presidency.

This story was originally published on July, 24, 2016.

Obama has been president for almost eight years and having him in the White House has characterized many of our adulthoods. During his term, we got to see significant political reforms, hear inspiring speeches about social justice, and, of course, watch the Obamas dance.

These moments don't have to leave our memories as Obama leaves the White House. Many have been captured by the White House's official photographer, Pete Souza.

Souza has been photographing Obama since 2005 and has taken nearly two million photos, he told the BBC. "You need to show him in all aspects of his life," he said.

Accordingly, he's captured the POTUS doing everything from shopping for fruit to meeting the Pope. The White House's Flickr page paints an image of a president and first lady that have taken their jobs seriously, but also brought us happiness in the process.

Here are eight photos — one for each year Obama served as President — that we can look back on to remember these pivotal years in the country's history and many of our own lives.