Taylor & Kim: A Guide To Which Celebs Have Chosen Sides

Photo Credit: John Shearer / Getty Contributor.
Taylorgate 2016 is in full swing.

After being outed by Kim Kardashian in a video on Snapchat, Taylor Swift is in the midst of a pretty epic celebrity feud — with the pop princess in one corner, and the reality star turned business mogul in the other. While it appears that most of the internet is leaning toward Team Kim, there are definitely some big names staying true to Team Taylor. These include a Victoria's Secret model, an OG squad member, and even an anti-squad outlier.

Obviously, the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan is ready to clap back at anyone who tries to deny that Swift lied.

But things get confusing, so we decided to break down which celebrities have chirped up about the drama, and whose side they're on.

Let's check out how the roster looks right now.

PS: We here at Refinery29 believe that women should try to support each other, even if that isn't always the case in celebrity culture. Let's just hope that, one day, Team Kim and Team Taylor unite.
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Amber Rose - Team Kanye
Ye's ex is on his side, but with a little advice for him to stay out of the media.
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Martha Hunt — Team Taylor
Hunt is a model and part of Swift's squad. She used big words and sided with Swift.
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Justin Bieber — Team Kim (Sort Of)
In a video shared on Instagram, Bieber has a simple message — "less hate, more love." But considering that Kanye said "What Do You Mean" was the best song of 2015, I have a feeling the Biebs is on their side.
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Kylie Jenner — Team Kim
With one simple retweet, Kylie reminded us of the relevancy of her New Year's resolution (that we once mocked a little).
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Khloé Kardashian — Team Kim
Obviously, Koko was gonna be in Kim's corner.
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Selena Gomez — Team Taylor
Swift's bestie was quick to clap back at Kim for sharing that video. But then accidentally dug herself into a hole.
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Chris Brown — Team Kim
Brown is here to support his friend and collaborator West. But he did so in an EXTREMELY tasteless and poor fashion.
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Katy Perry — Team Kim (a.k.a. Team Rise)
Perry isn't really on Kim's side, but she definitely isn't on Swift's. She just wants everyone to download her new single and "#RISE above it all." We see that sneaky double meaning.
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Ruby Rose — Team Taylor (Or Not, But Totally)
Rose said that her tweets were "literally zero percent about Taylor." But she was at Swift's Fourth of July party, so she's firmly Team Taylor.
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Chloë Grace Mortez — Team Taylor
Although Moretz has admitted to being "anti squad," she is WAY more anti Kardashian. And she made that clear right away, resulting in a side feud between her and the other Khloé.
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Screenshot via Instagram.
Zendaya — Team Kim (Temporarily)
The singer and actress, who previously starred in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, liked two tweets that placed her on Team Kim and Kanye last night. After seeing that the media noticed the tweets on her profile, she quickly un-liked them, apparently having second thoughts about betraying Swift.