Selena Gomez Kissed Another Woman On Snapchat

Hear that thud? It's Justin Bieber hitting the floor.

Of course, that's assuming the pop star has seen ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez's latest Snapchat appearance. A video posted on singer Ruby Carr's Snapchat shows Gomez and Carr having a playful smooch. It's really just an innocent peck, so let's not all start planning the wedding.

Who is this lucky lady who got to lock lips? Carr is a member of the girl group Bahari, which has been opening for Gomez on her Revival tour.


A photo posted by Ruby Carr (@rubyrosecarr) on

The singer spent her 4th of July weekend partying with the Bahari crew, instead of attending pal Taylor Swift's Rhode Island extravaganza. So... how soon before Tay gets jealous?