Welcome To The Wacky World Of Celebrity Paraphernalia On eBay

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You're likely already aware of this fact, but eBay is a weird place. For example, it's a place where you can find coveted designer duds items on the cheap, as well as literal buckets full of used baseballs with just a few strokes of the keyboard. But on top of being the reigning T.J. Maxx of the digital world, eBay is also an interesting sociological zone that can teach us a lot about what we value in this world today — and what price we put on things that are sometimes objectively worthless.

Take, for example, all the weird celebrity flotsam that has been auctioned off on the site since it launched way back in 1995. (That's right. EBay is more than 20 years old. We're dubbing it an official internet dinosaur.) About a decade ago in eBay history, Britney Spears' chewing gum was listed on the site for a whopping $14,000. A couple of years later, Justin Timberlake's leftover breakfast ended up at digital auction — as did a Mason jar full of air that Brangelina allegedly breathed. There are plenty of other weird sales where those came from, too. For a fuller picture, keep on clicking...

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The item: Space suits worn by the Biebs and Ozzy Osbourne.

The auction: Justin Bieber and Ozzy both appeared in Best Buy's 2011 Super Bowl ad in these suits, which were later put on the 'bay starting at $1,000 per suit. Each one was autographed by both singers, and proceeds were donated to The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.
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The items: Brit's old chewing gum and her half-eaten sandwich.

The auction: Britney Spears reportedly chews a lot of gum, so her ABC (already been chewed, duh) pieces have appeared on eBay more than a few times over the years. But the most expensive piece ever auctioned off to date went for a whopping $14,000.

Also of note: In 2005, Britney Spears was eating a sandwich in Vegas and someone stole the half she didn't finish from the trash, put it online, and made more than $500 by eBaying it. Score.
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The item: Kevin Federline's half-eaten hot dog.

The auction: That same day Brit didn't finish her sandwich, Kevin didn't finish his hot dog. Someone snagged that from the trash, too, and slapped it up on the auction site. Fittingly though, the old dog only went for about $20.
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The item: Michael Jackson's tighty-whities.

The auction: We have three words for you: one million dollars. That's how much the reserve price for a pair of the King of Pop's underpants was set at prior to a 2008 eBay auction.
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Image: Getty / Axelle / Bauer-Griffin.
The item: Air once breathed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The auction: We're calling bullshit on this item, because how would you ever be able to prove that Brangelina once inhaled and exhaled the unseeable contents of Mason jar breath? But the price went up to about $370 on this one, so joke's on us.
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The item: Air from a Kanye concert.

The auction: This seriously happened — someone captured a plastic bag of air from a Kanye concert, wrote on it with a sharpie, and then put it on eBay without even a vague promise that it was air that had been inside Yeezy. Kanye fans drove the bidding up to more than $65,000. True freaking story.
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Image: Getty / Michael Ochs Archives.
The item: Elvis's hair trimmings.

The auction: This actually seems to show up on eBay fairly often. In fact — at this very moment — you can get yourself a lock of The King's hair for around $1,200. Worth it? Maybe.
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The item: Eminem's old couch.

The auction: We're hoping he asked first, but rapper Obie Trice put Eminem's, a.k.a. Marshall Mathers, couch up for sale on eBay in 2002. The bidding started at $2,000, despite the lounge item being busted to hell.
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Image: Getty / Jean-Paul Aussenard.
The item: Gary Coleman's old sweatpants.

The auction: The Diff'rent Strokes actor put his signed pair of navy blue size 12 XL-Regular Gap Kids sweatpants on eBay back in 2008. The bidding peaked at $400,000. Not a joke.
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Image: Getty / Pascal Le Segeatain.
The item: Justin Timberlake's partially eaten breakfast.

The auction: Specifically, the "Suit & Tie" singer's unfinished French toast sold on eBay to a fan who paid $1,025 for the honor of owning this piece of music/breakfast history. Apparently, the edges were a little burned — that's why she suspected he didn't finish it in the first place. His loss.
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Image: Getty / Mark Davis.
The item: Niall Horan's partially eaten toast.

The auction: Speaking of paying too much for unfinished breakfasts: $100,000 — that's how much the toast went for. The cost of four years of college if you have in-state tuition.
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Image: Getty / Keystone Features.
The item: Marilyn Monroe's chest X-rays.

The auction: SOMEONE PAID $45,000 FOR THESE.
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Image: Getty / Jamie McCarthy / NBC.
The item: Scarlett Johannson's snotty tissue.

The auction: Right before going on The Tonight Show, a sniffly Scarlett blew her nose into a tissue. But instead of just tossing it into the trash, she put it in a plastic bag, signed that, and then put the whole shebang on eBay herself. The item sold for $5,300 — all of which the actress donated to Harvest U.S.A.