Everyone Is Obsessed With These Jell-O Shots

It's finally here, our favorite season of the year: summer. It's a time to break from our busy work lives and gather together for cookouts with friends and family. Preferably somewhere with a pool. We sunbathe, we play lawn games, we laugh, we grill, we eat, and, of course, we drink.

Now, I will be the first to admit that shots are certainly not my beverage of choice. But, something about summer just brings out an air of carefree jubilance — and what is more carefree and jubilant than jello shots? So please the crowd this year in a sort of unexpected way — with a tray of homemade Jell-O shots. They're a surefire way to liven up any big summer cookout with a little bit of novelty and pizazz.

We've rounded up a few of the top Jell-O shot recipes on Pinterest. Some are classy (if you want to keep things on the tamer side) while others are "classic" (a nod to your collegiate years, when the parties were packed and the Jell-O shots plentiful).
These patriotic Jell-O shots use halved strawberries for an edible casing.

2. Watermelon Tequila Jell-O Shots
With tequila and lime fused together, all you'll need is salt shaker.

4. Moscow Mule Jell-O Shots
Try these Moscow Mule cubes for a classy twist.

5. 4th of July Firecracker Jell-O Cups
Now here are some classic college-style shots we can really get behind — with a cherry on top!

6. Pink Lemonade Jell-O Shots
These lovely lemon slices filled with spiked pink lemonade jello are divine.

7. Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots
Hollowed out strawberries create the perfect edible shot glass for jello margaritas.

8. Watermelon Mojito Jell-O Shots
Watermelon mojito Jell-O shots are sure to surprise (and delight) at your next cookout.

9. Bomb Pop Jell-O Shots
Remember Bomb Popsicles (i.e. red, white, and blue rocket pops)? These are the grown-up version.

10. Champagne Strawberry Jell-O Shots
Get fancy with strawberries and Champagne in Jell-O shot form.

11. Cosmopolitan Jello Shots
Give your Jell-O shots a sophisticated twist with these cosmo cubes.

12. Blue Moon Jello Shots
Not all Jell-O shots are created equal — check out this beer version for a refreshing game-changer.

13. Peach Fizz Jello Shots
If peaches are the fruit of summer, then these Jell-O shots must be the shots of summer.