These Hair Tips Are Subtle, But Make A Big Difference

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This story was originally posted on June 27, 2016.

When it comes to switching up your 'do, a major chop or dramatic new color are obvious ways to try something new. However, any beauty lover knows that a different curling-iron technique or a spritz of texturizing spray can make a huge difference, too. Translation: You don't have to hit the salon to switch it up.

To wit: Your trusty 1.5-inch curling iron creates big, bouncy barrel curls in a flash, but brush out those curls, add some salt spray, and you have a beachy look without much additional work. Bored with your go-to polished pony? A new placement will make it feel different.

For further proof that simple hair changes can yield a big impact, we've rounded up 16 celeb examples. Click ahead for serious inspiration...
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Zendaya shows off her blunt crop by wearing it sleek…
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…but gives it a dose of punk with imperfect waves — just add beach spray!
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Here, Alicia Vikander's hair is in ladylike waves...
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…but brushing them out creates lived-in movement.
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A sporty ponytail looks effortless on Beyoncé...
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...but positioning it on the crown creates a high-fashion finish.
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Chloë Grace Moretz's glam waves look good on everyone...
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...but get a cool, modern update after being broken up with fingers.
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Gigi Hadid’s long braid screams the on-trend ‘70s…
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...but looping it into a bun creates a modern-day ballerina effect.
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Sleek, straightened hair looks chic on Gina Rodriguez...
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...while small curls on just the lower half of her hair create a rad, edgy look.
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A messy updo channels early-aughts Megan Fox...
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...but when Kendall Jenner slicks back all her hair, the effect is totally high-fashion.
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Kim Kardashian’s side-swept bangs look effortless...
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...but recently, she lost her hair part and went ‘80s with this slicked-back ‘do.
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Lucy Hale’s wavy bob is eternally summery...
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…but it gets a rocker feeling when she slicks down the top.
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Olivia Munn’s straight pony syncs with a sleek dress...
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…while pulled-up waves complement a red lip.
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Bangs and a short bob turn Rihanna into a girl next door...
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...but slicking those bangs to the side makes for a modern look.
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Taylor Swift looks cool with side-swept bangs...
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...and edgier with them styled down.
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Solange's loose pony with a middle part frames her face symmetrically.
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When pinned back with rows of metallic barrettes, she gets a boost of futuristic glamour.
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Maisie Williams' curled side-part is sweetly subdued...
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...but swooped over to the other side, her hair gets instant volume and a just-out-of-bed finish.
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Constance Wu looks great with a wavy ponytail...
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...and fierce with a sleek version, too.
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Chrissy Teigen's mod middle part and slicked back hair gives her a modern, headband-like look.
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With her hair slicked all the way back, she's just-out-of-the-water gorgeous.
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