What We're Eyeing From Aritzia's Summer Sale

At this point in the season, you've probably stocked up on the essentials: You've found a few pairs of shorts, a handful of easy-to-throw-on dresses, and scored a great swimsuit (or three) for all those summer shenanigans on your social cal. So now, it's time for the finishing touches.

These are the things that you don't necessarily need, but help make warm-weather style all your own: We're talking a sweet button-front crop top, a little white dress, or an artsy sports bra that almost looks too good to wear to the gym. They're the items that probably weren't at the top of your "must buy" list when high-temperatures first hit, but the ones that really make getting dressed exciting.

And, what better excuse to treat yourself to the non-essentials than a big ol' sale? Aritzia is currently offering major discounts, and we're eyeing too many things to count. Click through to stock up on those cherries on top of your summer staples.
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Go retro with a bold, high-cut knit top.

Wilfred Crevier Knit Top, $95 $70, available at Aritzia.
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Swap your denim for some army green cropped pants.

Golden by TNA Bouvier Pant, $90 $39.99, available at Aritzia.
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Finally, the dress-over-pants look can be yours.

1-01 Babaton Emin Dress, $195 $115, available at Aritzia.
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A square neckline will be your new go-to.

Golden by TNA Sanger Tank, $30 $14.99, available at Aritzia.
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The missing piece to your perfect Canadian tuxedo.

Wilfred Free Karly Blouse, $75 $49, available at Aritzia.
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Add a new hue to your summer colorblocking.

Vichy Skirt, $85 $68, available at Aritzia.
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A white dress for when you're going somewhere without red wine, coffee, or spaghetti and meatballs.

Wilfred Astere Dress, $145 $115, available at Aritzia.
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Your chance to tackle the Bermuda-length trend.

Golden by TNA Lindqvist Pant, $85 $39.99, available at Aritzia.
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It's a struggle to find a jacket for summertime, but this one checks all the boxes.

Wilfred Marquette Jacket, $175 $87.50, available at Aritzia.
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This with some denim shorts will become your going-out uniform.

Wilfred Lafortune Bodysuit, $60 $40, available at Aritzia.
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Introducing a crop top that still looks totally sophisticated.

Wilfred Gerland Top, $85 $55, available at Aritzia.
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Coat? Dress? How about both?

1-01 Babaton Kahlo Dress, $375 $225, available at Aritzia.
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The compliments will be flowing in at your weekly yoga class.

Community Rasa Bra Top, $30 $27, available at Aritzia.
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Layer this classic dress over a graphic tee to toughen it up.

Wilfred Hymne Dress, $145 $99, available at Aritzia.
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Give your work wardrobe a sunny twist.

Eckhardt Pant, $145 $72.50, available at Aritzia.
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This guy is a match made in heaven for your midi-skirts.

Wilfred Tournus Bra Top, $70 $49, available at Aritzia.
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Summer clothes aren't always synonymous with showing a lot of skin.

Wilfred Free Volodina Jumpsuit, $195 $115, available at Aritzia.
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A little sheer never hurts (but again, beware the colored food and drink items).

Babaton Tj Dress, $145 $72.50, available at Aritzia.
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Your décolletage is center stage in this not-so-little black dress.

Talula Cosimo Dress, $140 $69.99, available at Aritzia.
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Make bodycon feel fresh again with a minimal variation.

Golden by TNA Noll Dress, $50 $30, available at Aritzia.