You Have To See Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's Beauty Evolution

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Some celebrities tumble out of nowhere into fame. Others, quite literally, grow up in front of our eyes. The best example: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the adorable and adorkable twins from '90s sitcoms Full House and Two of a Kind.

Even if you never knew Michelle Tanner or the Burke sisters, and have only admired the Olsens as grown-up designers, authors, and beauty innovators — that dry shampoo-perfume hybrid is rad, just sayin' — there's a lot to love about the twins. Olsen fandom runs deep, with droves coveting designs from Elizabeth and James and The Row (or, rather, admiring the very pricey The Row and then hitting Zara for something similar) and layering on their signature scents. And remarkably, in our tell-all, share-all, Snap-all age, the talented twosome has managed to remain pretty damn famous without any social media presence. Fact: We all freaked when they posted their first selfie on Sephora's Instagram — just this year.

Because their beauty game has been pretty consistent lately (air-dried hair, beige lips, smudged brown liner), it's easy to think they've always looked this way. Oh, are you in for a treat. With a variety of hair colors and experimental makeup choices, the Olsens are the OG promoters of IDGAF beauty in its purest form.
To celebrate their 30th birthday on June 13, we're taking a stroll down memory lane to see all of their best looks. Ahead, the twins' defining beauty moments — Full House GIFs not included.
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Photo: Jim Spellman/ Getty Images.
If MK & A sported this coordinated look from 1997 today, they’d still be the chicest ladies in the room — rosy lips and cheeks and lobs with fringe are still en vogue. (Not to mention those rad '90s dresses.)
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Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage.
Look closely: The twins are matching their eyeshadow to their coordinated skirts. And their locks? Those flipped-out cuts are mirror images, only Mary-Kate's is shorter.
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Photo: Annamaria DiSanto/WireImage.
True, 2002 was a rough year for beauty. Did any of us escape without stripey highlights or over-plucked brows? And yet, these two still look cute...
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Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images.
Long before Instagram, there was TRL — and it was the place to show off your latest look. By 2004, Mary-Kate adopted a strawberry hue and Ashley had gone straw-blond. Side note: Can we take a second to appreciate Mary-Kate’s blue liner?
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Photo: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images.
PSA: Ashley had chic bangs back in 2005. That is all.
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Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.
By the spring of 2005, the twins were masters of defining their eyes. Here, for an amfAR gala in France, Mary-Kate’s sporting what would become her signature smoked-out, taupe-copper eye; Ashley’s rocking a waterlined gaze.
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Photo: Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage.
Remember MK & A’s boho-chic style? (Oversized accessories, approximately 17 layers of vintage clothing in various textures, and scarves no matter the season? You get the picture.) Well, it also came with ladylike updos, seen here at an awards show in 2005.
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Photo: Donald Bowers/Getty Images.
One could consider this the dawn of Olsen beauty: Air-dried waves and glowing makeup were MKA’s jam back in 2006, but it didn’t last long...
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Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage.
Just a few short months later, Ashley’s locks were a brownish auburn. But, again, not for long...
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Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
Three months later, in January 2007, Ashley was back to honey-blond and Mary-Kate had gone Marilyn platinum. One recurring theme? Some degree of matching. See: glossy, red lips.
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Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
They'll leave the tendrils and bombshell waves to other celebs. For these girls, it's soft waves and a brushed-back chignon for a 2007 Golden Globes after-party.
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Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images.
What a year 2008 was for the duo: Mary-Kate’s tousled updo and light brows! Ashley’s '90s brows and swept-back 'do! (Go ahead and pin this one, we’ll wait.)
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Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images.
Because the girls don't wear a ton of trendy makeup, it's so fun when they do. Here, enjoy Mary-Kate in merlot-stained lips and metallic smoky eyes. (Okay, you should pin this, too.)
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Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images.
Fun fact: Mary-Kate was onto that whole ombré-lip thing way back in 2009.
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Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
By June 2010, the twins were once again in sync, rocking their now-famous air-dried texture, kohl-rimmed eyes, and blotted-out lips.
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Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.
Mastering Mary-Kate and Ashley’s go-to look is actually quite easy — skin is always dewy, lips and eyes are likely matte.
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Photo: Donato Sardella/ Getty Images.
In January 2010, Ashley balanced brick-red ombré lips with dark brows and glimmering skin.
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Photo: Theo Wargo/WireImage.
If there's one makeup tip to take away from these two, it's this: Brown, copper eyeliner makes a kick-ass and versatile alternative to basic black.
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Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images.
Okay, and a hair tip, too. Roots are badass, especially on blondes. Here, the stylish twins in November 2011 with regrowth that screams "IRRRDGAF."
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Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images.
All matching must come to an end. This time it was Mary-Kate who went dark, just in time to be honored by the CFDA in June 2012.
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Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.
When you are fraternal twins but look almost identical, little changes make a big difference. In 2014, Ashley let her long strands flow in riotous waves while Mary-Kate went straight and rumpled. No playing "guess the Olsen" here.
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Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
Which brings us to their most recent red-carpet appearance: this year’s Met Gala. Not many could pull off slept-on hair and (basically) bare faces at New York City's fanciest ball quite like the birthday girls.

What's your favorite MK & A look? Tell us in the comments!
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